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If your next-of-kin relatives have symptoms of hair loss, then the chances that you will run into them are very high.

Even if the hair now looks healthy, you are not immune to alopecia in the future. Hair can begin to drop out suddenly, so at the first signs of baldness, we recommend that you immediately consult a trichologist.


Symptoms of hair loss can be indicated in the “side effects” section of the instructions for blood thinners, birth control pills, vitamin supplements, antidepressants, anti-arthritic and gout medications.

If you take these drugs, then carefully read the instructions – they can provoke increased hair loss. In this case, the doctor can prescribe anti-alopecia remedies that will not harm the performance of your medication.

Thyroid disease and anemia

With such diseases, hair loss is a consequence of a malfunction in the hormonal work of the body, it is necessary to consult your doctor and trichologist for solving the problem.

Anesthesia during surgery

Anesthesia and subsequent surgery is a serious physical strain that disrupts the natural processes in the body and can provoke increased hair loss. Symptoms of baldness can appear and a few weeks after discharge from the hospital. After the operation, you must carefully monitor your diet, try to observe the correct mode of sleep and wakefulness and, as a rule. within 2-3 months the problem passes by itself.

Hairdryers, ploys, ironing

Frequent use of such devices during laying leads to withered and broken hair. Especially careful to be, if you put wet hair because they are very easily damaged. It is not recommended to lay hair with these instruments more than once a month, when laying, always use products that protect hair from thermal exposure.


During pregnancy, in most women, the hair becomes healthy, shiny, thick. Thus, our body accumulates forces before the subsequent stress.

Within three months after birth, hair loss, deterioration of the skin and nails is a common thing, as all the vitamins with the mother’s milk go to the baby. During this period, the hair should be given special attention.

Improper diet

If you regularly sit on diets, be prepared for problems with hair. A lack of protein or carbohydrates can cause increased hair loss. Sharp weight loss can also cause symptoms of baldness. Be careful with diets and consult specialists before you start fasting.


Psychological stress causes graying and hair loss. Symptoms of baldness can appear only a couple of months after a stressful event, so very often we do not correlate hair loss with a recent unpleasant event. The good news is that, as a rule, this hair loss is temporary.


Tight tails and braids weaken hair, destroy their structure. They begin to fall out on the temples, and then on the entire head. It is enough to change your hairstyle and, dropping out quickly ceases.

Bad combs

Pay attention to the combs that you use. Doctors recommend using scallops from natural materials, best of all from wood, and combing your hair smoothly, without jerking them. Any comb needs to be washed at least once a month with soap to remove the remains of storage products and sebum from it.

Take into account all the above factors and take care of your hair in good time in advance.