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5 simple hairstyles to wear short hair

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Having short hair is, for many women, a huge advantage. First, because its maintenance and care become easier. The same goes for the hairstyle, nothing better than a short hair to quickly leave the hair of the day. But be careful, that not everything that is done quickly to a short hair is functional.

There are many beautiful ways of combing short hair, for example, according to the shape of the face, so here we will see some of the easiest but at the same time suggestive ways to wear it. Ideal to carry out in leisure moments, but that can also be used for special occasions in which they have to look beautiful.

Special hairstyles for women with short hair

Combing short hair braid for wavy hair: How to comb short hair with wavy or curly texture, this type of hair is perfect for a braided look. You have to gather a two-inch section of hair on one side of your head and twist it around yourself to the back, securing it with a fork. This procedure is repeated on the other side of the head, the combination of the two turns is held in the center of the head with the help of pins.

Half upper knot: Any person with short hair knows that a top knot is not really possible, all because of the low volume of hair that is available. But there’s no reason why you can not make a half-knot in its place. It involves gathering the top half of your hair in a ponytail, twisting the lengths to create a knot and securing it with an elastic. A pair of hair clips can be used if necessary, but it should be noted that with this style, the more disheveled will look better.

French hairstyle: This way of combing short hair, not only is cute but requires minimal effort, which makes it perfect for days when hurry has taken us by surprise. You have to rotate a front section of hair back and pin, and then gather the lengths of hair at the nape of your neck. Rotate the length itself, like a French touch, then place the pin in the lower part of the hair to hide any loose hair.

Horsetail: Easy, fast and fresh. For how to comb short hair with a messy ponytail, simply spritz it on a little spray texture and use an elastic to secure your hair above the nape of the neck. The hair should look messy but not dry. Then some pieces are removed to obtain the perfectly disturbed appearance. This will not take more than two minutes but will give more confidence throughout the day.

Half plaited braid: To make this hairstyle you have to take two front pieces of hair and turn them to the back, but once you get to the center, you have to turn a little from right to left, so you can not see where one started and the other ended. Place a pin to hide any hair that was not in the turn.


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