A beard does not make you a philosopher

I see a beard and a coat, but not a philosopher. Also not a hipster. Or terrorists. Or bad – because of unkempt employees.
Anyone who sees himself regularly confronted with overly ridiculous allegations about his beard may read that. Let’s take that out of context and reassemble it.

A beard does not make you a philosopher

1. Dude, you look like a hipster.

Mom, Mom, my friends say, I’m a hipster. Well, your buddies often come up with stupid sayings, but that’s what bothers you because you do not really know what a hipster is. Do not worry. There are some unmistakable features. We tell you what makes a true hipster and what you need to be a hipster. If that’s what you want because even if or just because the term “hipster” is not always positively posed, a real hipster will be chilly. But that’s what keeps you busy. Essential features to at least obviously are recognized as hipster are your clothes, hairstyle, glasses, and beard.
Is there something like a uniform for hipsters? Sure, there’s that and it’s made up of skinny jeans, the uninformed known as a tube, and in the summer out of shorts that should be a little longer than hot pants, and carding is mandatory. When it comes to the top, there are two options, either the plaid lumberjack shirt or the shirt with print, on which the word Berlin must definitely stand.
A hipster who is holding something, wearing glasses, even if it is only made of window glass. Real or not, it should definitely be Horn or Ray Ban. For the hairstyle: Only the undercut is the optimal hairstyle.

hair transplant beard transplant

Hipsters ride bikes, but not because of environmental awareness, but because it’s so beautiful retro. However, if the hairstyle and the beard should not get messy, then it is recommended to push the wheel. The iPhone is a must have to share your life in various social media channels and to post selfies.
With the beard, there is only one solution and that means mustache, another beard shape is not suitable for a hipster. If the mustache is not your case, then you can become a trendsetter and just leave a chin beard.

2. Hey, you look like a terrorist – shave again!

Just because you look like a terrorist does not mean you’re one too. A quick-fix answer to such an unqualified remark could be … Blast the conversation, turn around and leave. If the situation permits.

3. The beard in the job: “Dear employee, please shave.”

It is a bit trickier if your boss makes you aware that he does not like your beard. On the way up on the career ladder, a beard can indeed be a hindrance. Everything that directly catches your eye, such as tattoos, piercings, long hair or your beard – depending on your job – can quickly become the subject of a heated discussion.

The beard in the job

Piercings can be taken out quickly and used again after work, tattoos are often covered by your clothes, but the hair in general and your beard, in particular, are the focus and are crucial for a clean and tidy appearance.

For example, if you are a bank employee and you get in contact with clients, you can discuss whether or not your beard should please customers. Against a neat Henri quatre or a fine Chin Strap speaks nothing in our eyes. The same applies if you work in a restaurant – you have to make a well-kept impression.

Apart from the fashionable wishes of your employer, the – let’s call it – danger potential of your beard can become very much a topic. At first glance, this may seem somewhat dramatic, but imagine that you are a blacksmith and have to do with fire. If you’ve burned your beard instead of a cigarette in a moment of inattention, you know it’s uncomfortable. This often leads to funny situations in the morning shave-control but has a reason that is easy to understand. Ultimately, however, a beard is not the same beard.

a beard is not the same beard

We would like to point out that some – especially unkempt beards – are actually more of a provocation than an ornament and in that case, you have to get involved in this discussion. In fact, it’s worth considering whether shaving your right to privacy violates your rights or whether you neglected to damage your employer’s business.
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