wellness for your hair

Beard care, shaving, hair care, a hot shower and the care of your fingernails – just to name a few things that you should enjoy when you treat yourself to a little wellness in everyday life.
If you love what you do, you will never work again in life. A wise saying. Desirable, but hardly anyone to implement one to one. Easier to realize is probably the maxim that once gave me a smart Moroccans on holiday on the way home: “A little work, a little life.” A healthy mix of work and relaxation – that’s it, right?
Our better halves show it to us. They always put a wellness weekend in a hotel, where they can unwind and retire, let’s book the complete wellness program: full body massage, facial care, hair styling, manicure, three-course meal, and God knows what else everything. For us men, that’s usually not the case. An evening of sports and beer relaxes us with our buddies rather. In order to please our pretty and relaxed partners, we should do a little more than that. Wellness also works in everyday life – in the Do It Yourself variant and in individual steps.

wellness for your hair

If you are wearing a beard, just start each day alone with a wonderfully relaxing beard care.

After your refreshing morning shower with your beard, gently dab your body and beard with a fluffy towel. Scratching is counterproductive and what a hectic. Dabbing is already latent wellness. If, without a watch in your neck, you leisurely and deliberately draw the scent of your shower gel and Bartshampoos into your nose, that alone is a small benefit that enlivens your senses.
You should send a real wellness highlight afterward. If you have trimmed your contours beautifully and stray whiskers are cut off with the beard scissors, it comes beard oil. It is a pure luxury to own a few bottles of beard oil. At least you should have one. One that fits your whiskers and your sense of fragrance. You put a few droplets on your fingers, rub them gently, and then gently stroke them in your beard. Depending on your beard length, then use your ever-ready private masseur – a beard brush or a beard comb to spread it all the way down to the skin. She gets a gentle, blood circulation-promoting massage. Your nose and senses are getting a pleasant smell, your beard will be soft and shiny. If that is not wellness.

Also make your shave, no matter if you pick the contours of your beard or your whole chin, to the joy of wellness spa.

Wellness is always a matter of the mind, as the initial suggestion already suggests. Do not say, “I have to shave,” but “I want to shave.” A small word just makes the difference. Your subconscious mind is sure to register which thoughts you care for. Positive thoughts and a positive language have an effect on well-being – you will see.
Also get up a few minutes earlier so you have time and leisure for your shave. Strength alone is power alone. And then I look forward to seeing you with such great, efficient pre-shave and after-shave products, and above all, tools that make your shave a pleasure. If your razor effortlessly glides gently over your skin and shaves whiskers, thanks to shaving oil or self-whipped shaving cream, that’s just wonderful. Do you do that, for example, with a high-quality, smart exchange blade you have an additional wellness effect?
Because such a thing is basically maintenance-free, has the grace of a razor without its dangerousness and you can jerk switch the blade. You are always clean shaven and everything runs smoothly – that also brings well-being, so wellness.

Wellness is also always a matter of the head, we thought. But not only the mind’s mind, but also its hair care creates well-being.

Hair care is simply part of almost everyone’s wellness program. Sitting hair, we feel somehow not only more comfortable but also more confident, right? Mostly before you go to your beard care or shave, you will therefore probably wash your hair. Washing your hair becomes a real, sustainable wellness if you take an honest shampoo, which is adjusted to the needs of your hair and protects the environment. Shampoo without artificial ingredients makes your hair healthy clean, lets it smell fresh and is friendly to nature.
Extra Wellness brings a conditioner that you use after washing. It moisturizes and nourishes your hair and replaces the layer of dandruff that has been opened through the laundry so that you can comb it easily and protect it against environmental influences and dehydration. There are also shampoos with built-in conditioner. If you take one, you will save yourself one step and have more time to enjoy your sweetness at breakfast freshly scented and with relaxed presence. That too is wellness.

It continues with a fresh head. You do not just consist of hair. Your body appreciates wellness in everyday life as well and it is particularly easy.

In winter a wonderfully warm shower before breakfast, in summer a bit cooler – nothing refreshes you faster than water. Really aware of the shower, just be in the moment and feel every drop of water.
You can top it all off. A tick Wellness Plus is always. Do not take everyday shower gel. Treat yourself to something extraordinary. A pure natural that does good for your skin, your senses and the environment at the same time. Here we are again at Wellness is also a matter of the head – a clear conscience always does well and makes free. A natural care product makes you healthy and gently clean. Take a fragrant, maybe even one that cleanses and creams at the same time. On Sundays, it may be like including exfoliation to strip off all the load, all old skin cells. There are fantastic products that trigger wellness feelings.

A private nail salon in the bathroom completes your Do it Yourself Wellness package. Nail care without an appointment and if necessary even at sports show and beer.

Women love nail salons. Willingly they stretch their hands to beautify their nails. This totally dislikes the vast majority of men. Good thing we are disguised craftsmen and know about files and scissors. Do we do it, right?
A nail care kit has at least everything you need for your manicure and pedicure. It usually opens up to you quickly if and how you should use pince-nez, scissors or file. Finger and toenail care are much easier without description than the construction of shelves of a famous furniture store. Be that as it may, you should regularly strive for clean, shortened and filed nails. So that after the delicious dinner also your desired dessert is.
Who has a sweetheart, is usually cooked deliciously. Who needs a three-course meal in the hotel? Men’s wellness works in everyday life. By the way: If you do not hear her call when the food is ready, that she cooked you with love, maybe it’s because you’ve forgotten your ears. Our tip: cotton swabs. Next weekend, you will cook something nice for you.

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