Garlic for hair

Using white onion on the hair accelerates growth and stimulates the emergence of new hair. Here’s how to cure your hair in a very simple way. The results will delight you.
It seems that it was never as hard to preserve healthy and beautiful hair as it was today. Every day your moms have various new wonders for styling, painting gloss, volume. If you add smog, dust and closed overheated rooms, stress and poor nutrition, things become clear. What else, we again take in nature in search of the magic formula.
You wonder what all the hair needs to be healthy and beautiful and what kind of a wonder of nature possesses everything or at least the majority of what you need?
You have the answer or no answer before your nose. More precisely in the store. It’s about a fine hair port.
A list of problems and illnesses that are being treated in folk medicine with a white onion is subjugated. And if it was not so, even the unclean himself would flee from him.

Garlic oil for hair

Somehow, oil is the most suitable for hair care. This is not without reason. Herbal oils are all in their own way medicated for hair just need to be smartly chosen according to the task that this oil should perform on your hair.
Aqueous oil is obtained from the vapor by steam distillation. This oil consists of numerous aliphatic unsaturated sulfur compounds. Alicia has a strong antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial power.
One way to give your hair the benefits of the onion is to dilute the etheric onion with some vegetable oil and use it to massage the scalp or to mask and pack.
We give you two recipes to make the oil of a small port:
To stimulate hair growth, select some hair oil that has already been shown to be beneficial in this regard, it can be argan oil, coconut, or anyone else. (It takes ½ cups)

  • 8 heard of a white port
  • One head of a medium-size black hole.
  • Beat the white and black onion best in the blender or chopper, as it will release most of the ingredients you need. Boil oil in a bowl and add a crushed ground from the onion. When the mixture begins to remove yellow from the fire and let it cool down.

Massage the scalp with two tablespoons of the oil thus obtained. After 15 minutes of massage, put a shower cap or wrap with an old towel and allow the white garlic oil to work for another thirty minutes. After the treatment has finished, wash your hair with a mild shampoo. If desired, use a hair conditioner, but you do not have to, because the oil has already done the work of the regenerator.

A useful idea may be to add 2-3 cm of grated ginger when preparing garlic oil. You will have an even more effective oil.
The other option is to put several squashed garlic cloves into your hair oil and you will always have a ready-made natural hair growth product.

Garlic for hair growth

We certainly want our hair to grow faster. Whether we want to change our hairstyle or to save as soon as possible the damaged areas that are dead and jerk off our hair as a foreign body that is impossible to overcome.

  • Contains a high level of minerals that are essential for hair growth;
  • It kills germs and bacteria that cause damage to the skin and head and hinder hair growth and create dandruff.
  • Selenium in the inner ear improves the circulation that is important for maximum scalp treatment.
  • Cleans the follicles, strengthens them and prevents flushing, and this prevents hair loss
  • It resists skin irritation and helps with diarrhea
  • Raw onion is very rich in vitamin C that is great for the health of your hair. Vitamin C is indispensable for collagen production and this is an important hair growth material.

By exploring the experiences with the white onions, we learned that it is definitely not a novelty among those who devote a lot of attention to their appearance and beauty of the hair.

Mostly ladies choose for a recipe of brandy and garlic coma with the addition of various oils or medicinal herbs. A haircut is a supplement number 1.

There are no negative experiences but the conclusion is that it does not work overnight. You must be patient and persistent until your hair is completely recovered.
When you start an outward treatment with white garlic, you should design a comprehensive strategy that involves the intake of vitamins and minerals through a balanced diet, enough sleep, stress relief. First of all, protect your hair from harmful external influences in the form of overheating with hair and press, excessive binding, aggressive painting and the like.

Healthy, lively hair is a true indicator of the condition of your body as a whole, but also the most beautiful decoration of every woman to whom it feeds.

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