top 8 bad habits affecting your hair's health

8 bad habits that damages hair’s health

To keep hair strong and shiny it is important to take into account several cares that go beyond the use of external products. Although the treatments allow to revitalize it, it is necessary to consider that the lifestyle can influence in its aspect.

In this sense, there are certain habits that can cause a significant deterioration, given that they produce dehydration, loss of nutrients and a series of aggression that can not always be solved.

The most worrisome is that many people overlook them and can not imagine that they are the origin of the hair problems that prevent them from having a radiant hair.


The habitual consumption of cigarettes not only has negative consequences on the lungs but also on your hair. This habit increases the presence of toxins in the blood and produces a negative impact on the skin and hair.

Its high content of toxic compounds is concentrated in the bloodstream and prevents the proper functioning of the hair follicle. A product of this appear problems of excessive fall and growth difficulties.

Being exposed to stress affects your hair’s health

Stress has a direct impact on emotional health. It seems inevitable and can produce imbalances in both the psychological and physical aspects. One of its consequences in what has to do with the personal aspect is the weakening it produces in the hair.

Stressed people can have a problem of excessive falling, to a severe outbreak of dandruff or premature appearance of gray hair.

Tying the hair while it’s wet

Many women have a habit of tying their hair when it is still wet after washing. Although at first, it seems harmless, little by little it produces a series of issues that are difficult to solve.

Washing with hot water

Sometimes the cold is unbearable and there is no other option than washing the hair with hot water. However, if this becomes a recurring habit, noticeable damage to the entire mane can occur.

The high temperatures open the pores of the scalp and affect the health of the hair follicles. With the passing of days, it alters the normal production of oils and produces excess dryness.

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Overexposure to the sun

Like skin, hair also needs to be protected from the effects of the sun. Although the damage is not noticeable, the ultraviolet (UV) rays cause a deterioration that affects its appearance and growth capacity.

Exposing it for a long time without proper protection increases its loss of strength and elasticity. It is important to use caps or hats to minimize the impact that this habit produces.

Using heat to dry your hair

We can not deny that the use of heat elements can help achieve perfect hairstyles in a matter of minutes. However, its excessive use is one of the main causes of hair deterioration.

Plates, curling irons or dryers damage the protective cuticle and affect the structure of the strands. Its constant application produces dryness, break at the tips and other problems that make hair look lifeless.

Abusing discolorations impacts your hair’s health

The discolorations allow a total change of look. It’s true, at first they look spectacular. But how convenient is it to do them constantly? This procedure is performed through an aggressive chemical process that lightens hair up to 7 shades. The problem is that, over time, it produces irreparable aggressions.

It should not be done more than 4 times a year and, if it is done, it should always be under the supervision of a professional.

Scratching the scalp

For some reason, many people have the habit of scratching their scalp several times a day. Sometimes it is due to stress or because there is some kind of imbalance in its pH.

The problem with having this habit is that it affects the health of the living cells that are in the roots. By rubbing them intensely, almost desperately, their activity is affected and hair damage is increased.

If its origin is dandruff or a skin disease, it is essential to go to the specialist. Do you identify with these bad habits and are those impacting your hair’s health ? Try to address them as soon as possible so that your hair does not suffer the consequences.


There are many factors that can cause damage to your hair’s health, among those we gave you the top 8 reasons. Now you know what to avoid in order to protect your hair and make them shine again.

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