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What are the causes of a bad hair day and how to fix it?

Does it sound familiar: you blow-dry your hair the way you normally do, straighten and treat it with styling products but it still does not want to look as it should. You regularly take good care of your strands, yet some mornings can still bring an unpleasant surprise on your head. Here we offer some tips on how to fix and avoid a bad hair day.


What does it mean to have a bad hair day ?
What can I do when I have a bad hair day ?
Conclusion : make bad hair days a thing of the past !

What does it mean to have a bad hair day ?

birds too have bad hair days but they can't do anything about it unlike humansA bad hair day surely not the same for everyone. For some people, it means to find yourself with greasy limp strands in the morning. For others, it comes with a frizzy mane that sticks up and cannot be properly styled. Why does a bad hair day even happen? Here are some reasons that may lead to a mess on your head.

Wrong shampoo

Shampoos are not created equal, even though the primary use of them all is to cleanse hair and scalp. Even if you go for a product that is right for your hair type, it might still be causing you trouble.

Why? Certain chemicals contained in shampoos can stay on your scalp even after washing, thus making your hair greasy. It is, therefore, useful to switch between clarifying and nourishing shampoos.

Washing with hot water

While you are washing your hair, remember to watch out for water temperature. Who does not like a hot shower after a tiring day? While it is definitely good to relieve tension in the body, it can cause more stress to your scalp and mane. High temperature increases the production of sebum which may lead to a bad hair day.

Overusing hair products

Conditioners, hair masks, styling sprays are all indispensable parts of a hair regimen. However, it is really easy to go overboard with them. For example, if you apply just a tiny bit too much of cosmetic oil, you risk immediately ending up with flat strands that look dirty.

Not cleaning your styling tools

Did you know that you need to clean your hair brush at least once a month? If it comes into contact with your scalp and hair every day, bacteria, dust and product grime can easily accumulate on the bristles. So, every time you run your brush through the strands, you are putting all this dirt back on your head. Same is relevant for hair irons.


Sometimes, a bad hair day is caused by internal factors, i.e. hormones. A hormonal imbalance, for example, increased levels of progesterone or androgens, promote the overproduction of sebum, thus, giving your mane that greasy feel and look.

Air humidity makes a bad hair day

Those with wavy or curly tresses definitely know the struggle: on a rainy day, all your styling attempts go in vain. High porosity hair is very prone to turning all puffy and wild as a reaction to humid air.

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What can I do when I have a bad hair day ?

If you are no stranger to bad hair days, follow these tips to avoid them in the future and make your hair look tidy and presentable.

Use a mild cleansing shampoo

Harsh chemicals such as sulphates and parabens are an absolute no-go for coarse and unruly hair as they dry out the shaft even more. If your strands tend to get oily fast, avoid protein- and oil-based formulas.

The universal choice suitable for all types would be a gently cleansing shampoo with natural ingredients which you can alternate with a shampoo specifically for your hair type.

Blow-dry with care and avoid a bad hair day

Choosing the hottest temperature on your hair dryer will indeed speed up the process of blow-drying, but it can well be the start of your bad hair day. First, hot air stimulates the sebaceous glands that will result in a greasier scalp.

Second, it raises the cuticle which can add up to that frizz. Always blow-dry with cool or warm air, from the roots towards the ends.

Change your hairdo to get your hair to cooperate

If you always style your mane in the same fashion, the hair gets accustomed to it, so it can be more difficult to create a different look on your head. For example, change the parting every now and then. If it is always the same, the hair roots will get used to it, lay flat and have no volume.

Make use of dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is a great helper that can instantly freshen up limp strands and turn a bad hair day into a good one. It is especially useful if you have no time to wash your hair. Spray dry shampoo on the roots, massage it in with your fingertips and leave it for a couple of minutes to work. Brush out well.

Avoid bed hair by sleeping with a bun

If your strands are medium or long, never have them down before going to bed if you do not want to have a bad hair day. Loose hair tangles up much easier. Plus, the friction between your head and the pillow can damage the cuticle and make the shaft more prone to breakage.

You should tie your tresses up in a bun, but don’t make it tight. Another helpful tip is to invest in silk or satin pillowcases, as cotton fabrics can be too rough to the gentle hair structure.

Apply hair oil or serum to fix messy hair

Oils and serums are a great solution for frizzy, coarse, and tangled hair. They act as lubricants for the shaft and can instantly smooth out frizzy jumbled tresses. Remember that more is less if you don’t want to lose any volume. Just a few drops of the product will suffice.

Conclusion : make bad hair days a thing of the past !

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Luckily, there are a few ways how you can quickly fix your strands. To prevent bad hair days, follow a proper hair regimen and make use of hair care products that are gentle to your strands.

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