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the best hair care tips with Elithairtransplant
Hair care

The best hair care tips to maintain them healthy

A normal person loses fifty to a hundred strands of hair each day. That is normal but that does not mean you don’t have to care for your hair. Natural diet and the way you maintain hair plays a significant role in maintaining healthy hair.

Different hair care tips will help to give you strong and healthy-looking hair. These are not intended for a particular hair type but men and women having curly, straight, dry or oily hair can use these tips.

What’s the definition of healthy hair

Hairs are entirely made up of protein and healthy hair is considered to be resistant to breakage, thanks to strong roots. Healthy hair is also soft and shiny, you can feel the silky touch in hair when it is healthy. The ideal shine comes up when you are properly maintaining your hair with the minimum usage of hair styling tools.

Hair care tips : what damages your hair ?

Several reasons can cause an alopecia in both men and women as they age. However, different other things can lead to hair damage. Losing your hair naturally is another thing but damaging them with chemicals and different styling tools is another.

Alopecia, damage or hair breakage can be caused by the following reasons:

Change in hormones

Hormonal imbalance in both men and women can lead to hair damage but this type of damage is more common in females. Change in hormone levels can cause temporary baldness and dullness in female hair. Change in hormones occurs due to pregnancy, giving birth and illness.

Lack of Nutrition

Malnourishment can lead to adverse effects on the human body; it also affects hair in a bad way. A healthy diet helps to strengthen the roots of hair by providing essential vitamins like vitamin A, Vitamin B, proteins, etc.
Hair acts in the same way as our body if proper nutrients are not given. Hence, a diet rich in nutrients is required for healthy and strong looking hair.

High Heat Styling Tools

Straightening irons and hair dryers can do extensive damage to your hair. Such type of styling tools causes more damage to dry hairs. The keratin present in hair is exposed to high temperatures when hair is exposed to these tools. Hair may also burn in severe cases.

Harmful Chemicals

Exposure of hair to harmful chemicals can leave the hair damaged. The chemicals present in shampoo and hair sprays are mixed with sebum thus resulting in damaging hair roots. Some hair dyes also contain excessive amounts of chemicals in them that cause hair damage.

Hair care tips for a healthy scalp

Your hair needs maintenance too they way your body needs it. You may be getting the best body products but when it comes to hair, you need to know how to maintain them. Below are a few hair care tips for every type of hair :

Wash your hair with cold water

Hot showers can be relaxing but they are not good for your hair. Especially since the essential oil present in your scalp washes away with hot water. You need to wash your hair with lukewarm or cold water because washing the scalp with hot water will only result in brittle and dry hair. Lukewarm water is suitable for both your body and hair.

Condition properly

You must condition hair properly. Choose the conditioner that perfectly matches your hair requirement and use it properly. As a hair care tip, know that the conditioner is for your hair, not your hair roots. Roots get the greasy touch first so you need to avoid using conditioner there.
Leave the conditioner on your hair from mid-lengths to end for a few minutes and then rinse it off.

Shampoo the scalp

Your scalp is the first thing that gets the oil and dirt first. So, focus more on washing the scalp because your hair lengths were already dry before. If you will only wash your lengths, the hair will become frizzy and dry thus making them easily breakable.

Wash your scalp and hair roots to get the best results.
While leaving the shower make sure you have washed the conditioner and shampoo properly off your hair otherwise the products left will build up a layer of dirt.

Dab Your Hair Dry With Towel

You need to dab your hair dry with a towel instead of rubbing it on hair. Rubbing the towel on ends of your hair leads to split ends and hair damage. It is recommended that you should squeeze out the excess water from hair using your hand or just dab the towel at lengths.

Don’t Comb In Wet Hair

Wet hair is extremely fragile and easy to break. You must handle them with great care. Wait for your hair too dry first but if you are in a rush then take a wide-toothed comb and very carefully comb your hair from roots to the end.

Don’t Use Styling Tools On Damp Hair

If you want to maintain healthy hair, you need to keep this thing in mind that you can only straighten your hair when they are completely dry. Don’t even use a curling rod on damp or wet hair, you will destroy your hair. Use a hairdryer or wait for air-drying.
Brush hair in the same direction in which you are using a hairdryer. Move from the roots to the end to avoid the frizz.

Hair care tips : exfoliate scalp

Your scalp builds up a layer of oil and dead skin cells that needs to be exfoliated. A healthy scalp will lead to healthy hair. There are different scrubs in the market that you can use to exfoliate your scalp.

Trim Split-Ends

After all this styling, hair dying and usage of styling tools, your hair will be left with split ends. It is important that you trim the split ends. Your growth may also slow down if you don’t treat your split ends. To maintain a healthy hair care routine you need to cut or trim of the split ends every two months.

Have you tried our hair care products ?

Our hair care products are going to give your hair an outrageous look as they are made up of high-quality ingredients. They will help to fight alopecia with its hair nourishing ingredients. The biotin present in our shampoos and sprays will give you strong and healthy hair.Unlike other products, our hair care line will strengthen the roots and helps to combat male and female baldness pattern issues.

Following our hair care tips will give you a healthier scalp and hairs

Healthy hair always leaves a great impression on the people around you. You need to wash your hair properly by providing them all basic vitamins and nutrients. Don’t use hair styling tools daily they do extensive damage to your hair, use these tools once or twice a week.

Even if you want to use the heat styling, keep the heat to the minimum. Use a combination of natural oils and natural hair masks to maintain healthy hair and try air-drying your hair instead of blow-drying.

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