If we have iron or zinc deficiency our hair will look weaker and brittle. Bluefish and brewer’s yeast, among others, can provide us with extra minerals and essential vitamins.


Hair loss and your health is something that worries us all. There are many people who day by day see how they are losing, as it becomes clearer than normal. Can we remedy it? It is true that the genetic component has a lot of weight, but we can take advantage of other factors to prevent it. We give you five good advice.

Having good nutrients, without any lack of minerals, will undoubtedly help us maintain the health of our hair. You should know that if, for example, we lack iron, our hair will look weaker and brittle, and therefore, it will fall more. The same goes for zinc.

There is also another essential component that, if we lack in our body, we will suffer hair loss, nail weakness, and skin problems. And what component is it? Biotin And where can we find it to take a good supplement of it? Take note:

  • The bovine liver: do not worry, it does not have many fats. But a very high dose of biotin, minerals, and vitamins essential for the health of your hair. Worth it.
  • The eggs
  • The blue fish.
  • The brewer’s yeast
  • The nuts.
  • Strawberries
  • The brown rice
  • The tomatoes
  • The banana
  • Peas

Another element that you should not neglect, is the cysteine. It is a basic amino acid for hair formation. It makes it grow and strengthens it. It is also worth taking into account. You can easily find it by consuming the following foods:

  • The eggs.
  • The turkey.
  • The chicken.
  • Broccoli

Remedy with apple cider vinegar


A remedy as you will see really simple and effective. Apple cider vinegar promotes the circulation of our scalp, oxygenates and stimulates it. Hence, it is very appropriate to do a massage with a vaporizer, in which, you must introduce half a glass of vinegar with water. You apply it with wet hair, massage for 5 minutes and then rinse with warm water. How about we do it twice a week?


The remedy of nettles

Nettles are medicinal and healing plants that have been used since ancient times for many uses. Acts as a hair stimulant and as a strengthener. There are many shampoos and creams made with nettles. So how can we benefit from them? Through an infusion. Add about five nettles in a glass of boiling water. Allow it to settle and lower the temperature. Once tempered, apply it on damp hair to act about 20 minutes.


The remedy of Aloe Vera

Every day there are more virtues that are discovered of this wonderful and medicinal plant. The aloe vera gone from our scalp, heals it, repairs it and stimulates the growth of the hair by nourishing it. To benefit from it, we have only to extract the juice or the translucent gel from a piece of the plant. Then, we must mix it with a glass of hot water and dilute it, then apply it to our wet hair with a light massage. You just have to let him act for twenty minutes and … ready. Rinse with warm water and use your usual shampoo.

The remedy from coconut milk and carrot

They are two elements that act as great nutrients for the hair. Both coconut milk and carrot, have vitamin B, essential for health and hair growth. Surely it will not be difficult to get coconut milk. Once obtained, to make this remedy you do not need more than a medium carrot that we will mix with the milk thanks to the blender. Mix well both ingredients until obtaining a kind of shake of attractive orange tone, which we will use as a moisturizing tonic. As we have done with the above remedies, this will also apply to wet hair. We put it little by little massaging well and little by little. Allows you to act about 20 minutes. To make it easier you can use a shower cap with which to better contain the tonic in our hair. Then, rinse with warm water and wash normally.