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Can a Hair Transplant Be Done on a Scar?

Hair transplantation on scar can be done and natural and lasting results are obtained. In reality only a small number of women and men have scars on their scalp. These can be of different nature, such as an accident, or even due to scarring alopecia. Finally, the scar can also be due to hair transplantation with the FUT technique.

Regardless of the cause, whoever has a scar on the scalp often, at the first consultation asks us “Can a hair transplant be done on a scar?”

Yes, it is possible to do a hair transplant on a scar!

In most cases, in fact, this is possible. At Elithairtransplant we have successfully carried out numerous hair transplants with scar problems. However, there are some factors to consider when considering whether you are a good candidate for this type of surgery.

When can a scar be eliminated on the scalp?

First of all, the thickness of the scar must be considered. In fact, it can happen that, the scars can have a thickness so great as to compromise the possibility that the hairs can grow back. In this case, cosmetic surgery techniques must be applied in order to improve the condition of the thick scar, with the aim of making it more receptive to grafting of transplanted hair follicles.

Among these is the slight thinning of scar tissue through steroid injections. Furthermore, the scar can be removed by removing the fragments of it before moving on to graft the new follicular units.

What if I have cicatricial atrophy ?

On the contrary, as surprising as it may be, even a scar that is too thin can be difficult to treat successfully. This condition is known by the medical term “cicatricial atrophy“. In this case the scars are excessively atrophic, thin, in order to receive the new follicular units. In our clinic we do not give up, when we decide to proceed with hair transplantation on atrophic scars, techniques are applied to help the hair transplant and their growth. But we must admit that some of them are so severely atrophic that they are impossible to treat.

The blood supply

Last but not least is the “blood supply” of the area to be treated. Before performing a transplant on a scar, the surgeon goes to make sure that the blood circulation on this tissue is normal.

It is important because often, in the case of scarring, it can happen that the blood supply in the area is reduced. The correct blood supply is essential, in fact otherwise the chances of success of a hair transplant on a scar are reduced. To overcome this problem, minoxidil is often used both in the preoperative and postoperative phases. This technique is used to improve blood flow in the scar area.


Based on our experience, scars can be eliminated by a hair transplant. This type of surgery requires a lot of experience and expertise to be successful, so it is important to rely only on the hands of qualified professionals.

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