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Hair Transplant in Turkey through Elithairtransplant 

The experts for Hair Transplants in Turkey 

Do not worry, we know exactly what we are doing. If you decide to do your hair transplant through us you benefit from over 7 years of experience of Dr. Balwi and the Elithairtransplant team. Satisfied customers from all around the world speak for themselves.

A perfectly equipped clicic is fundamental for performing a surgical intervention. The Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hospital is one of the most prestigious clinic in Europe and fullfills those standarts. You can expect nothing less than the latest technologies and a excellent consulting from our medical Dr. Balwi and his specialized team. Preliminary examinations, the hair transplant and the aftercare will take place in the clinic and are a part of the package you booked.

Do not hesistate longer and let yourself be convinced by the great chance you get. Contact us and learn more about how effective and economic you can get your hair back.

Our office:

Main office in Berlin

Karl-Marx-Straße 256
12057 Berlin
Mobile: 0044 20 80680547

Our team in Germany – Berlin


Coordination Team Leader

S. Öztürk
Head of Quality Management & Personel Management

Languages: German and Turkish


International Patient 


Ser. Özturk
Head of Consulting & Coordination

Languages: German and Turkish


Financial Management

B. Turan
Head of Finance

Languages: English, German & Turkish