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Hair Density After The Hair Transplant

Hair density

Which hair density is normal?

The perfect hair density through the hair transplant

When does hair thin and when does the hair density carefree? Those questions are asked by patients who notice thinning hair on themselves, but this question should be asked as well about the hair transplant regarding to the new transplanted hair. Only if the hair density of the patient is appropriately selected, the result can be really convincing visually and by feel.

Decisive factors for good results and adequate hair density

The most decisive factor for the best results in a hair transplant is the surgeon himself. It is quite literally everything that contributes to the result in his hand. This includes not only the mastery of the surgical technique but also the ability to design suitable and to create a natural hairline that fits perfectly to the face.

The technique used during the surgery is critical and must be performed perfectly. Here the small micro cuts in the FUE technique have to be precise, the hair follicles have to be prepared correctly before the insertion to the new location and the actual transplant needs to be done quickly. The basis for success is not only the surgeon but a team that can transplant thousands of follicles in an intervention.

Nothing should be left to chance when it comes to hair transplants, even not the direction of growth of the follicles. Only if the hair grows on the right track, the hair will seem natural. To enable a natural, authentic hairline, we implant the new hair in the same direction as the remaining hair. This way, natural traits that are amazingly equal to the original hair will be created and lead to absolutely natural results.

When can one talk about a high hair density?

Judging from the hair of average thickness, there are 70 to 100 grafts per cm². If the hair density on such areas decreases by 50 percent or more, then one may speak of hair loss. If one still have around 50 grafts per cm², there is still a hairy look, if less than 20 grafts per cm², it can be called low hair density and under 10 grafts per cm² the head skin is completely visible. Therefore, even 50 grafts per cm² can be enough for a natural and hairy look and a concincing hair density. In general, however, a few more grafts are mostly added.


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