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Determine the type of hair and proper care accordingly

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Determine the type of hair and proper care accordingly

What follows is a detailed guide on the basis of which you can easily determine which type of hair it belongs to you, but also to find out why this is important. You've probably seen shampoo many times on the shampoo that it is intended for fat hair, dry hair, painted hair, for the recovery of damaged hair and so on. And how many times have you just bought a shampoo with the look of the packaging or its smell?

It is very important to choose the right hairline for your hair type.

There are some guidelines that are universal and that suit everyone. But there are also those specificities to be applied according to the characteristics of the hair.

How do you determine the hair type?

There are many factors that make hair types differently.

  • by natural color
  • by structure
  • by form
  • elasticity
  • porosity

We will take you to step by step through all types of hair in the hope that you will find one that is yours. The structure of the hair is mainly made of proteins known to us as keratin. Hair fibers consist of several different layers, each of which has its role in the characteristics of the hair. The medulla is not always present.

Cortex is the primary source of hair size and water retention factor. It contains melanin that determines the color of your hair based on the type and arrangement of melanin granules. All in all, it determines the shape of the cortex and the shape of the fibers that determine whether your hair will be curly or straight. People having hair follicles have flat hair. Those with hair fibers of oval or other shape have fewer or more hard-wearing hair.

But how to determine it without a microscopic examination?

Whether you have curly or straight hair, it’s clear at first glance, but now we will explain in detail all other factors to determine the type of hair.

Determine the type of hair according to the density

Stand in front of the mirror and first divide the hair in the middle by combining a comb with a splint. Take a strand of hair from one split side and move it well against the light so you can see the root of your hair. Based on how many scalp skin you see, it is determined how thick your hair is. Do not count the hair, it is unfeasible even if you have a lot of hair, but specify it visually.

  • Rare hair is the one in which you see a lot of scalp skin during this procedure (tell what two rows say in three rows)
  • Medium dense hair if you see a little scalp
  • Dull hair if you can hardly see the scalp

For example, in women, usually, the hair drops most at the top, which is due to hormonal causes, which due to the tension of the hair in the tails, cuffs and the rest that creates the load for the root of the hair and can be the cause of alopecia.

What type of hair is ideal?

Well, women are pretty hard to please and we’re almost never satisfied with their hairstyle or hair. Dense hair is more desirable than the hairline that drops. Again, even those with thick hair are often overlooked to be able to shape and bring them in order. In this case, I think the middle is the ideal one.

Determine the type of hair according to its health

Shampoos are usually intended for greasy hair, dry hair and so on so it is important to know which of these hair types belongs to you.Wash your hair as you normally do. Leave it naturally dried without a hair dryer and do not add other hair styling agents such as gels, varnishes, and the like.

Overnight as it would give the skin time to produce oils and how you would have to determine what type of hair you have. In the morning, check how much your hair is greasy by pressing a tissue behind the ears and behind your ears.

  • Check the result to the light.
  • Greasy hair will leave a fair amount of marks on the wax
  • Medium hair will leave weak marks
  • Dry hair will not leave traces
  • Combined hair can leave traces on the specimen taken behind the ears and remain dry on a sample of the subject (or vice versa)

If you have dry and damaged hair, then you need shampoos for hair recovery, with active ingredients that regenerate hair and scalp. In addition to them, once a week, you can also use masks for hydrating hair and hair oil. Avoid hair irrigation and daily washing, and once a week, try the masks for dry and damaged hair.

Dry outer layer of hair and greasy interior

This is a more common problem for people with dense hair. Due to sweating, the hair with scalp is greasy, but the exterior that is exposed to external conditions and which is most exposed to UV rays and the like can be quite dry. More often washing hair and packaging that eliminate cracked ends and hydrate hair here are a winning combination.

Mixtures of straight and curly hair

This hair looks like it’s leading its own policy. Some parts are completely flat, some parts are curled or wobbled. To tame it, you need to choose whether you will be curly or straight, which usually involves the use of some heat. Our proposal is to treat your hair with some cold methods or pick it up with some hair accessory in the hairstyle that will somehow stand.

Daily washing is not a recommended option. It drains the worms and it forces the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum. Sebum is important for hair moisture. If you wash your hair daily, then he has no chance to reach the ends of the hair, and they become and remain dry. The solution is to try washing your hair shortly and use mild shampoos.

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