How is anesthesia made for a hair surgery

Do you need anesthesia for a hair transplant ?

You want to take the step of the hair transplant but apprehend the pain and the stings? This is one of the topics most frequently discussed by patients in many hair clinics. Discover in this article why and which type of anesthesia procedure is used for hair surgery. But also how the possibilities we offer for the most comfortable sedation possible.

Why are hair implants not made under general anesthesia ?

Hair transplantation is not an operation in the classic sense of the term. Rather, it is a minimally invasive and painless procedure that is performed under local anesthesia in an experienced hair clinic.

General anesthesia is a cumbersome medical procedure and is therefore not suitable for hair surgery. However, it is perfectly understandable to have concerns about the anesthesia and possible pain that might occur during the procedure.

Thus you should not hesitate to express your concerns to your treatment team. A professional hair clinic will always keep an open mind on this subject and provide you with valuable advice.

Hair implantation under general anesthesia is reserved for exceptional cases

During the initial consultation, some patients often express their wishes for a hair transplant under general anesthesia. This possibility can only be considered in exceptional cases.

First, there are risks associated with the general anesthesia procedure. In addition, a dedicated anesthetist must be present to perform this. This therefore has a significant effect on the costs of treatment.

Second, from a medical point of view, general anesthesia is not necessary to perform hair implants. It is possible that your wish is rejected by the capillary clinic and that you have to reorient yourself.

Are you afraid of injections and therefore do not want to feel a single needle stick ? Then you should know that the a local anesthetic made without needles is also possible.

Local anesthesia, a solution perfectly suited to hair transplantation

Local anesthesia is the predominant solution for the removal and transplantation of your grafts. In addition, recent technological advances in the field of hair surgery make the procedure less invasive.

Firstly the scalpel is no longer necessary, thanks to the FUE hair transplant that replaced the now obsolete FUT method. This new procedure eliminates the need for general anesthesia and offers the possibility of treatment without scars.

Here grafts are extracted from your donor area and then stored in a nutrient-rich solution. Next, your grafts are grafted into the recipient area using a Choi implanter. This tool allows you to implant your hair follicles where they are needed.

The minimally invasive procedure we use has the advantage of preserving tissue and thus avoiding scarring issues.

Anxiety related to the syringe? Discover an alternative solution thanks to the procedure Comfort’In.

discover an alternative anesthesia solution thanks to the comfortin procedure
In modern hair clinics, hair transplantation is often offered with the Comfort-In anesthesia method. This one has many advantages:

  • Instead of a syringe, local anesthesia is performed using a pressure injector
  • The printing depth is only 0.15 millimeters and does not leave scars
  • Your scalp will be anesthetized quickly and over a larger area. The high pressure allows a wide distribution of the sedative
  • A few minutes after needle-free injection, your scalp is numb and treatment can begin

Be aware, however, that the tolerance to pain will be different depending on the patient. The Comfort’In method nevertheless guarantees a much more comfortable hair surgery than with a traditional procedure of local anesthesia.

Conclusion: a hair transplant under local anesthesia remains the preferred solution

As previously discussed, hair surgery belongs to the category of minimally invasive procedures. As such, general anesthesia is not intended for treatments of this type.

This is mainly due to the additional costs of such a procedure but also because of its greater complexity to set up. To give you an idea, a hair transplant can be compared to a dental treatment. Here too the use of general anesthesia remains exceptional.

A visit to the dentist will, for example, never be completely painless. Especially if you have to have one or more teeth pulled out. The difference with the hair implants residing in the fact that here the procedure lasts a whole day.

Unlike syringe anesthesia, the Comfort’In procedure avoids acute pain. This guarantees a hair transplant that is much more comfortable than with local anesthesia.

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