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Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrows frame the face and create an expressive look. Those who are suffering from eyebrow hair loss can achieve thick and beautiful arches with an eyebrow transplant.

Over the years, we have performed 35,000+ treatments which has given the team extensive knowledge and first-hand experience. This experience now enables us to offer a service that fulfils the wishes of our patients.

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Liliana's eyebrow hair transplant experience
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Eyebrow Hair Transplant Experience

An eyebrow transplant at Elithair

When performing an eyebrow transplant, particular attention needs to be paid to the correct direction of growth. In order to do this, specialist knowledge is required when implanting the hair follicles. Creating a natural-looking finish is important to Elithair to restore your look.

After an eyebrow transplant, the result is usually clearly visible after a short time. Patients show their enthusiasm for the results in field reports and reviews.

We are proud of our high recommendation rate and the perfect results of our team of experts. The reason for the perfect eyebrow transplant result is our many years of expertise and the use of the latest treatment techniques.

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How does it work?

However, the treatment is only suitable for total or excessive loss of the eyebrows. To ensure that the transplant is carried out comfortably, the relevant areas are anaesthetised locally before the follicles are removed using the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique.

So that the position of the hair can be optimally reproduced, attention is paid to the direction and density of the hair growth with millimetre precision when planting. Normally, around 100 to 500 hair follicles per brow are transplanted during an eyebrow transplant.

The advantage of eyebrow restoration is that only small channels need to be set for the insertion of the donor hair, making the results particularly natural. In most cases, this only takes one session.

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Before and after eyebrow transplant: the differences

Compared to before, the results after an eyebrow transplant are astounding. The face regains its contour and patients regain a positive attitude and new self-confidence.

Just a few weeks after the procedure, eyebrows grow and you can enjoy completely new facial expressions. Affected people report that after the treatment they much prefer to look other people in the eyes and go through their lives more confidently.

How long do eyebrow transplants last? An eyebrow transplant, just like any form of hair transplant, is a permanent solution to hair loss. It’s a one-time procedure that lasts a lifetime and achieves natural results.

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Dr Balwi with a patient after having an eyebrow transplant

Eyebrow Transplant: Patient Experience

Our patients are pleased with their experience after an eyebrow transplant. The first-class service from Elithair is particularly emphasised in our patient feedback.

From the first contact through to aftercare, you benefit from our extensive expertise. We respond individually to your wishes and give you transparent information about whether eyebrow restoration can be carried out on you.

Perfect results are no coincidence but are the result of preparation, high-quality treatment and intensive follow-up care. Make an appointment today for a free initial consultation and share the positive eyebrow transplant experience of our patients.

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What causes eyebrow hair to fall out?

Before opting for an eyebrow transplant, it’s important to analyse the cause of the hair loss. Eyebrow hair can fall out or thin for many reasons. Serious injuries to the skin can be obvious causes, such as burns. But diseases, hormones, and genetics can also cause eyebrow hair to thin. It’s a common occurrence with these injuries as the surface of the skin becomes severely damaged and scarred.

Can eyebrows grow back? It may be the case that the cause can be addressed rather than going straight for the transplant option. And we would prefer the cause the be rectified so that the eyebrows grow back naturally, if possible. We only perform eyebrow transplants if we are sure that the procedure will be successful. So knowing the cause is an important way for us to determine this.

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Overplucking your eyebrows can cause eyebrow loss
Close up of a woman who have perfectly shaped eyebrows

Eyebrows have an important protective function for the eyes

Eyebrows have an important role in keeping dirt and debris from getting into the eyes. However, the brows can do much more than just provide protection. They are used for communication without words because eyebrows greatly contribute to the facial expressions. With their help, a wide variety of emotions and feelings can be expressed. Full and defined brows look very expressive.

The eyebrows give the face a personal expression and give it contours. Full and beautifully curved brows have long become an ideal of beauty. Those suffering from excessive loss can achieve a natural-looking result with an eyebrow hair transplant.

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Eyebrow Transplant Cost

The eyebrow transplant cost depends on the number of grafts that are to be inserted. For two complete eyebrows, about 1,000 grafts have to be transplanted.

The pro-graft price in Turkey is well below the eyebrow transplant costs in the UK The reason for this is the low cost of living in Turkey compared to the UK. Nevertheless, the quality of the treatment is much higher than in this country.

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How much does an eyebrow transplant cost

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Rogaine for my eyebrows?

Rogaine isn’t formulated for eyebrows, it was designed to treat hair loss on the head. Additionally, if you want to use Rogaine, you have to be prepared to apply it every day for as long as you want it to work. When you stop using the product, your hair loss returns. Therefore, Elithair recommend eyebrow transplants because they are a one-time treatment that is permanent.

How many grafts are needed for an eyebrow transplant?

The number of grafts that are needed for your eyebrow transplant depends on the extent of your hair loss. Also, the number of hairs depend on the amount of hairs you need to create natural-looking results.

How long do eyebrow transplants last?

An eyebrow transplant lasts a lifetime. It’s a permanent solution to hair loss that usually only requires one procedure to see successful results. Once the healing stage is over, you’ll see thick eyebrows where hair was missing before.

How much does an eyebrow transplant cost?

The cost of an eyebrow transplant depends greatly on the number of grafts required to create your desired results. During your initial consultation, our experts will provide you with an accurate price quotation.