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Eyebrow transplantation

Eyebrow Transplant

For full and defined eyebrows

For full and expressive eyebrows

Diseases or abnormalities are often the cause of insignificant or non-existent eyebrows.
Even the mishandling by too much plucking or by permanent makeup can destroy the naturally beautiful structure of the eyebrows. In this case, the eyebrow transplant is the ideal way to regain expressive and well growing eyebrows.

Eyebrow transplantation due to damage

Permanent Make Up is one of the biggest enemies for the eyebrows. The repeated refreshing of makeups can cause such scars that no color pigments can be added and the natural eyebrow hairs are lost. However, this structure also makes the further processing with Permanent Makeup impossible, so an eyebrow transplant is the last option to restore your natural brows.

With eyebrow transplant, donor’s hairs are taken from outward areas of the head, implemented with the FUE method to bald areas of the eyebrow. This allows for healthy growth in the new eyebrows, with minimal healing time.

For operation special developed for the FUE technique instruments are used, which removed the small follicles on the principle of the needle and can be used again. The injuries here are minimal and completely healed micro wounds after a few days.

Obvious advantages of Eyebrow transplantation

The basis for a good eyebrow transplant is in addition to our first-class doctor, the technique and implementation. The FUE technique is not only friendly but very convincing in the outcome for the patient. The strip technique elsewhere still often used, provides less natural-looking results and is associated with significant wounds and subsequent scarring. The reaction with the FUE technique, however, does not involve any scalpel and suture – the gentle aspect is immediately evident. Especially remains pain after surgery almost completely from, as this form of eyebrow transplantation produces only minor injuries that can reseal the shortest time the body.

Thus the transplantation of all eyebrow follicles succeeds immediately, and all follicles are transplanted immediately and supplied in the course of this nutrient. These nutrients not only ensure the conservation of vitality and health during transplantation but also for a healthy growth starting in the new environment. Such treated hair follicles grow very quickly and are rapidly emerging as a new and dense hair. The positive results are therefore already guaranteed a short time after the procedure visible and convincing.


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