IHRE HAARTRANSPLANTATION IN DER TÜRKEI FAQ - FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey | Elithairtransplant Istanbul


How painful is a hair transplant?

Since the removal of the hair roots is performed under local anesthesia, patients feel no pain during the transplant. Only a slight feeling of pressure is reported. However, that does not cause any discomfort. Similarly, the healing phase of the transplant is completely painless.

Is the missing hair at the donor area visible?

No. That is the great advantage of FUE is opposite the FUT technique. Since through the FUE technique only small grafts are taken with up to four hair roots, no scars remain. Only on closer inspection, you can see small, brighter spots remaining in size of smaller pores, which doesn’t appear under the hair.

How long does it take until the transplanted hairs begin to grow?

After the transplant, the hair will need about three months to start with the growth. Usually, patients ask about from the fifth month a significant hair growth permanently. At the most recent nine months brings about roughly 90 percent of patients a beautiful, natural-looking and voluminous hair image.

For how long the transplanted hair will grow?

There is no limit to hair growth. Because it is the body’s hair, they lead their growth directly elsewhere continue and grow as long as permitted by the genetic hair length of the patient.

Can foreign hair also be transplanted?

There will be only used your own hair for the hair transplant. It is like an organ transplant, it only because of the lifelong medications work, the body would reject the foreign hair directly.

How long does a hair transplant take?

For the actual transplant, the doctor takes approximately 3 to 5 hours. Since the transplant includes a preliminary examination etc. patients should plan about two days for the hair transplant. After about 15 days, the last traces of the intervention are faded.

What are the risks a hair transplant?

Since it is not an operation under general anesthesia, the risks are relatively low. Under certain circumstances, there may be an intolerance of the local anesthetic. Side effects of the transplant itself are unknown.

Can one take influence on the appearance of hair?

Yes, that is possible. If the patient wishes a particular direction of growth, he should talk to the doctor to find a common solution. Have the hair finally taken their growth, and they may be styled as usual.

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