IHRE HAARTRANSPLANTATION IN DER TÜRKEI How is the FUT method performed? - Hair Transplant Turkey
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Full hair and short healing time thanks to FUT
After removal of the skin strip on which up to 3,000 follicular units (grafts) can sit in order to achieve an optimal esthetic result, it is dissected into its individual hair follicles by specially trained hairdressers using high-resolution stereo microscopes. The resulting grafts are then prepared for re-insertion, cooled on plasma coders and kept always moist to prevent the death of the hair root. This method protects the exposed grafts under close control against external influences and ensures their continued function even after reimplantation. This allows a fast healing and growth phase of the transplanted hair. The FUT technique is a proven type of treatment for decades.

Expiry of a FUT Hair OP
The recipient area of ​​the previously barren and sparse areas is provided in a highly precise arrangement with tiny, about pore-sized openings, so-called slits, and thus prepared for the actual transplanting of the grafts obtained. Subsequently, the follicular units can be modeled individually on the recipient area. The instruments necessary for this purpose are carefully selected in advance in accordance with the individual characteristics of the hair follicles.
Are there alternatives to a hair transplant?
To fight hair loss, there are various preparations that allegedly slow down or terminate the hair loss. However, scientific evidence of the effect of such a preparation is usually extremely rare. A few prescription drugs are exceptions to this, but they need to be taken regularly for an extremely long period of time. As soon as the intake of the preparations is stopped, the hair loss starts again. Side effects are not excluded. The hair loss is only, at best, stopped. It is impossible to restart hair growth on areas that have already become bald on the basis of medical treatment.
A self-hair transplantation is the only measure for a permanent solution in balding areas and light hair. A useful addition to the measure of self-hair transplantation is the use of dietary supplements. These have the great advantage over prescription medicines that you, due to only natural ingredients, have no side effects to worry about. In addition, you can use a PRP therapy (obtained from the body’s own blood concentrate) at regular intervals to stop the ongoing hair loss.
What options do I have for beginning hair loss?
Two-thirds of all men and almost one in three women suffer from hair loss today. The possible alternative courses of action vary from case to case. Only within a personal hair consultation, a hair expert can point out alternatives for action based on the assessment of your individual hair situation. A hair transplantation is advisable in many cases, even if the hair loss continues even further, because, for example, in the case of thinning hair, an aesthetically appealing hair image can be preserved by compaction.
When is the final result visible?
Within the first 3-4 weeks after hair transplantation, approximately 90% of the transplanted hairs typically fail again due to surgical trauma. But you do not have to be worried about it. The hair follicles remain in the scalp and after 3-6 months, the hair growth in the recipient area is visible for the first time. Hair growth is gradual. After 10-12 months, the final result is largely visible and the treatment result can be assessed objectively at follow-up