The predisposition to gray hair is already laid in our cradle. However, the premature graying is always to be interpreted as a signal of the body. In this way, he makes an internal change externally visible. Gray hair at a young age should prompt the person (s) to search for the cause of the unusual change in hair color.

Gray hair – a signal of the body

Premature graying is always a signal of the body. In this way, he makes an inner change externally visible. Ultimately, it is up to the person concerned whether he wants to hear the signal or not. If he ignores it, then the signals of the body become more and more insistent and – in comparison to the graying of the hair – less and less harmless. However, if the conscious person chooses to listen to his body, then he can take timely action that will not only restore his hair’s natural color but also protect it from other more serious symptoms.

The predisposition to get gray hair under certain circumstances is actually laid in our cradle. But it is up to each one of us to admit these “certain circumstances” or not. What are the circumstances that prematurely change the color of your hair?

Gray hair due to hyperacidity

Gray hair is almost always the result of a strong hyperacidity of the entire organism. Hyperacidity can often be absorbed for years and decades by the body’s mineral reserves and – for the affected person unnoticed – can also be successfully compensated. But at some point – often in the middle, sometimes even in old age – the supplies are exhausted. The cells of the whole organism suffer because of the prevailing mineral deficiency hunger and can do their tasks only rudimentary. If those cells in the hair roots the hair pigment melanin then decrease significantly in their productivity, then the hair loses its color. They turn gray or white – a basically harmless symptom of a serious cause.

It is not worth ignoring gray hair

If the person does not respond, other symptoms may appear. If for example, the cells of the immune system can only be active to a limited extent due to the general hyperacidity and deficiency situation, then infections become manifest more and more frequently. Now the infections are treated, but nothing is done to give the cells what they need, in order to let the infection in the future. If the cells of some glands (thyroid gland, ovaries, pancreas, etc.) work only to a limited extent and can no longer produce enough hormones, then this is called hormone disorders.

Now, the hormonal imbalances are treated with synthetic hormones, but nothing is done in this case to give the hormone-forming cells what they need to be able to function properly again in the future. There are still thousands of examples of this kind. So it’s not worth ignoring the symptom of gray hair. Give your melanin-forming hair root cells what they need, freeing them from slags and acids, and in doing so, bring them back to an optimal and functional state.