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Hair transplant for women

In terms of hair, human genetics often do not mean it good with us and allows the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) working. The result is unwanted hair loss, which is very common for men, but also causes problems for many women. While it comes to real loss of hair for men, the problem for women is rather reflected in getting lighter and thinner hair. Particularly in the area of the center parting this phenomenon is striking.

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A special variant is the circular hair loss, which often leaves entirely bald patches and a particular burden for women. There are other causes that should be taking in consideration for hair loss. Women who suffer from skin diseases, often have similar problems. Accidents, injuries or burns can also create unwanted hair loss.

When does a hair transplant for women comes into consideration?

○ Rule of thumb: if hair loss is visible, than a hair transplant will go beyond repairing 50 percent of hair, to allow for rejuvenated luxuriously thick hair.

If hormones are the cause of the failure, then sometimes with medication a lot can be achieved, in all other cases, the hair transplant for women is a matter of choice. It is up to the patient if a hair transplant is possible. Especially suitable hair should be available for the transplant. If the medical edge factors fullfil the criteria will be clarified during the preliminary investigation. This way we also can tell in advance what results can be expected.

How does the hair transplant for women work?

When it comes to transplanting hair, different methods ca be used. In our clinic, we have specialized in the so-called FUE technique that is particularly effective and very gentle on the patient. Painful side effects appear almost never. The FUE ( F = Follicular, U = Unit, E = Extraction) for hair transplant consists of the extraction and implantation of hair follicles. Hair follicles are small groups of hairs, which are taken with a special hollow needle from a healthy site of the scalp. The advantage is that there are no wounds or scarring. Other techniques complete hair strips are transplanted, which unfortunately often leads to wounds and scars. With the FUE technique we use a successful and painless method for best results.

These are the reasons why a hair transplant is useful

This method has many advantages over the conventional surgical hair implantation:

  • A previous balt shaving is not necessary.
  • You will receive a significant hair density in a few hours.
  • The outpatient technique is quick, easy and painless.
  • You can make your active lifestyle immediately resume.
  • Our price-performance ratio is extremely attractive.

The FUE technique works almost scar-free, and therefore the method to which we specialized. With the FUE technique, the small groups of hair follicles are taken with a kind of hollow drill which leaves barely visible traces. This technique is not for nothing called the most effective method for hair loss. Women who have transplanted a few hair roots groups, almost always benefit from this technology, even if the implementation is significantly more time-consuming than the FUT technique. We can set up to 3000 hair roots groups without shortening the hair.

 In contrast to other methods, the hair dont need to be cutted, so that the implanted area is immediately full and long hair is visible. Another great advantage is the absence of scars after the procedure and after the healing. This method is advantageous, therefore, even in cases when the hair should be worn particularly short.