Hair transplant with the PRP treatment


Combining PRP treatment with the hair transplant

Our body itself has the best methods and as well as active ingredients for controlling various diseases and aging. The art is simply to isolate the active ingredients for specific purposes and to make it usable. The PRP treatment at the hair transplant can utilize this body’s vitality for best outcomes. Under this therapy is about your blood. For a small amount, we win the Platelet Rich Plasma. This plasma is highly concentrated in the blood proteins and platelets, and thus the basis for a remarkable cellular rejuvenation and regeneration.

3 significant benefits of PRP treatment

⊕ Increasing the viability of the hair follicles after a hair transplant (FUE with PRP)
⊕ Faster recovery after a hair transplant
⊕ Vitalization and stimulation of the transplanted hair follicles after a hair transplant

It takes some time before the current drawn hair follicle from the donor area are transplanted to the receiving area. Maintaining the viability of hair follicles in this period is important Therefore, the extracted follicles are stored refrigerated in a specially prepared liquid.

In a new process PRP is added to the storage liquid or the hair follicles are washed directly with a PRP-liquid, the positive effect can be seen immediately. A PRP injection has a positive effect on the viability of hair follicles, it accelerates wound healing and stimulates hair follicles for a better and faster hair growth.

The Procedure

PRP treatment with the hair transplant in his function


In the case of hair, transplants are specifically concerned with the separation of platelets and leukocytes. The platelets are for our purposes the valuable active ingredient, and we inject coverage to the bald hair points. The platelets that carry the magnification factor of the blood in to be drastically reduced by an RNA-activator to a highly efficient tool against hair loss and at the same time increases the quality of hair significantly. The renewal of the tissue around the hair root has massively accelerated and improved. The consequences are vigorously growing hair with tight the grip. The PRP treatment has compared to all conventional alternatives a very unique feature for you: There are no side effects or allergic reactions, as the basis for the drug is your own, and thus the familiar body blood.



Rapid recovery after hair transplant

Many patients are worried because of their fear of pain and the recovery after the surgery. But this fear is unfounded because in our operations we use the platelet-rich plasma (PRP). This plasma is a blood product that contributes to a significant acceleration of wound healing and in the case of hair transplant allows healing of wounds after a few days. This method has been able to establish itself in the 1970s and has been refined till now. However, for the majority, this method was known only in the last 10 years. Since then, working with the plasma gor[O1]  popular in America. There are mainly athletes and baseball players who benefit from the positive and regenerating properties of the PRP.

Studies and specialist literature have demonstrated extensively that PRP can ensure rapid recovery after a hair transplant

As the base for the plasma, the patient’s blood is used. In addition to the plasma, also proteins come to use, which can support the described process and improve the treatment.

How is the plasma used for faster healing after a hair transplant

Before the procedure, a certain amount of blood will be taken from the patient which leads to the production of the PRP. This PRP is then available for the actual hair transplant. Then it will be added to the during the surgery created microfine injuries plus the freshly extracted hair follicles are bathed in PRP together with a nutrient solution. With those arrangements, the growth of the hair follicles will not be only very fast and with a high rate, but the hair growth will be influenced very positive. The result is a perfect hair density that is equal to the natural hair. The produced wounds during the surgery will disappear completely after a few days.

Benefits of the PRP treatment with a hair transplant

The PRP treatment can bring highly encouraging results for patients who hardly have hair. As part of the hair transplant, this form of therapy has its importance. Here, it isn’t about stimulate existing hair roots, but to create for the newly transplanted roots and hair the best possible start, for a long and healthy growth.

For the actual medical procedure of transplantation, the active ingredients from your own blood are important as well. Because the removed donor hair comes not immediately and directly to the receiving area but needs some time and survive outside the body. This is particularly satisfactory and reliable if PRP storage liquid for the hair follicle is attached or when they are cleaned directly with PRP.

Hair follicles thus treated remain vital and healthy throughout the entire process and can then be implanted easily. The direct injection under the PRP treatment with the hair transplant then ensures a much faster healing, for a healthy growth of hair in its new location and a rapid, voluminous and vigorous growth.

Rapid healing after the hair transplant without side effects

Compared to various options that could serve the rapid wound healing, the good growth of the hair follicle or the hair growth, PRP has a decisive advantage. The plasma is extracted from the patient’s blood and is, therefore, in its composition to the body at refeeding already known. Therefore, in contrast to conventional medicines, there are no allergic reactions or other complications. Furthermore, can be expected no infection because the immune system of the body will not respond to the plasma. Risk and side effect-free may not be such a process.

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