Hair transplant with the PRP treatment

PRP Treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma.

Combining PRP treatment with the hair transplant

Our body itself has the best methods and as well as active ingredients for controlling various diseases and aging. The art is simply to isolate the active ingredients for specific purposes and to make it usable. The PRP treatment at the hair transplant can utilize this body’s vitality for best outcomes. Under this therapy is about your blood. For a small amount, we win the Platelet Rich Plasma. This plasma is highly concentrated in the blood proteins and platelets, and thus the basis for a remarkable cellular rejuvenation and regeneration.

Prp Treatment
1) Blood is taken
Prp Treatment
2) Blood is centrifuged
Prp Treatment
3) Won PRP is injected

3 significant benefits of PRP treatment

  • Increasing the viability of the hair follicles after a hair transplant (FUE with PRP)
  • Faster recovery after a hair transplant
  • Vitalization and stimulation of the transplanted hair follicles after a hair transplant

It takes some time before the current drawn hair follicle from the donor area are transplanted to the receiving area. Maintaining the viability of hair follicles in this period is important Therefore, the extracted follicles are stored refrigerated in a specially prepared liquid.

In a new process PRP is added to the storage liquid or the hair follicles are washed directly with a PRP-liquid, the positive effect can be seen immediately. A PRP injection has a positive effect on the viability of hair follicles, it accelerates wound healing and stimulates hair follicles for a better and faster hair growth.

PRP treatment with the hair transplant in his function

In the case of hair, transplants are specifically concerned with the separation of platelets and leukocytes. The platelets are for our purposes the valuable active ingredient, and we inject coverage to the bald hair points. The platelets that carry the magnification factor of the blood in to be drastically reduced by an RNA-activator to a highly efficient tool against hair loss and at the same time increases the quality of hair significantly. The renewal of the tissue around the hair root has massively accelerated and improved. The consequences are vigorously growing hair with tight the grip. The PRP treatment has compared to all conventional alternatives a very unique feature for you: There are no side effects or allergic reactions, as the basis for the drug is your own, and thus the familiar body blood.

The importance of hair

Hair is an expression of the personality and identity for most people. Beautiful, full and glamorous hair also represent a sensual beauty image that catches the eye and allows artful changes.

Seen from a medical perspective, hair is dead tissue that can be painlessly cut and processed. The distribution and the growth of hair are attached to the function of the endocrine glands. They grow from hair follicles which are known as hair roots.
To each root are many sebaceous glands that make and secrete sebum. In this way, the hair maintains their natural shine.

Many diseases can have a more or less severe hair loss result. Thereby, the hairs generally fall diffuse or disappear entirely in circular, sharply demarcated areas. But even without morbid suffering, many people fall already heavily in young hair. This situation is very fatal, especially in the prime of life and also constitutes an enormous psychological stress, which can affect the whole life massively.

With a hair transplant in Turkey, affected people can be helped individually because such treatments are done very successfully for many years there. A very competent doctor will conduct hair transplantation in Istanbul. His name is Doctor Abdulaziz Balwi. For over 7 years he has acquired an excellent reputation with the hair transplant in Turkey because of its profound professional knowledge, which is known far beyond the borders of Turkey addition. Numerous people from many different nations, it shares helped with his expert team of hair transplant in Istanbul, to free them from their mental suffering, bring the hair loss inevitably with it, and to lead them in this way in a contented life back.

The hair transplantation in Turkey is based on the FUE method, the so-called Follicular Unit Extraction. It builds on the latest scientific evidence, and there is no health risk to the human to be treated is.

Hair transplantation Turkey represents only a transplant of your hair. The procedure takes only a few hours, however, mean for the patient an emotional enrichment and the certainty that the profit of their new head of hair with their hair done. Showy color and growth differentials can be excluded. Other body hair can be used on specific request for a hair transplant in Turkey.

A hair transplant in Istanbul is accompanied by high service and an excellent price-performance ratio. The patient always enjoys individual and priority, and must not worry about anything.

To be able to offer the highest possible service before your decision on a hair transplant in Turkey, we offer round the clock a contact in Germany to. Our free service hotline under no. 0800/404 6000 so that you can reach at any time and seek advice there in advance.

Our arguments

Our service package includes except the airfare everything that belongs to your hair transplant in Turkey. The flight booking we gladly take over for you. To plan your trip and hair transplant in Istanbul best, you should take time off between three to five days.

The hair transplant in Turkey will be held in Istanbul in the Istinye Üniversitesi Hastanesi. The hospital has modern, global standards and provides room for 219 inpatient beds and 51 beds for intensive care. All working there surgeons, doctors and nurses are highly trained and have excellent knowledge in the field of hair transplantation in Turkey.

In addition to the national language, the entire team speaks English. A German interpreter is always at your disposal to accompany you during your stay, and a possible language barrier degrades.

Modern equipment and international hygiene standards are of course for the hospital.

It is essential for you not to realize that the Istinye Ünversitesi Hastanesi has obtained JCI accreditation. It stands for the name of Joint Commission International and is an award that is awarded only hospitals which are not profit-oriented, constantly works on improving the quality of care of people. The hospital can, therefore, assert legitimate and proud of themselves to belong to the international world class hospitals. A fact that stands for high-quality features and assures to be with a hair transplant in Turkey in good hands.

A Hair Transplantation in Istanbul is one of the latest scientific developments and is currently the most advanced form of treatment available for hair loss. The doctor Balwi is a master in the field of hair transplantation in Turkey. The reliably positive opinions on our website are witnesses for his outstanding work and can inspire you with confidence to undergo a hair transplant in Turkey. The Publications and advertisements in Handelsblatt Online, the Frankfurter Rundschau and the Internet portal of Elithairtransplant the high quality and the success of hair transplantation in Turkey is reflected.

Of course, we are at your disposal for questions and information available at any time. Just get in contact with us so that we can plan your personal hair transplantation in Turkey and to work out a personal budget plan.

We look forward to you and are there for you when you need us.

Give us the necessary confidence, our specialist Dr.Balwi has successfully performed over 8,000 hair transplants.