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Hair loss in the fall and how can sun affect our hair

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Hair loss in the fall and how can sun affect our hair

Hair is important for a beautiful look and a mirror of health. Any change in the appearance of hair can be taken care of and can be a reason for leaving the doctor. With a number of hair preparations, we try to keep the hair's beautiful appearance so that it is as thick as the advertisement, and often with the question whether it is actually possible today.

Seasons and their effect on the hair

Today, hair is exposed to a number of external adverse effects that affect her. The most commonly mentioned external factors are the sun, wind, working conditions, dry air, mechanical damage, aggressive hair dye, inadequate and improper care, etc. The hair so damaged is shiny, thin, fragile, works in a fragile, changed color.

The sun can greatly damage your hair, especially if it has previously been subjected to more aggressive procedures, so sun and often bathing in the sea lead to hair loss. UVAi UVB rays work on hair: UVB works on the surface of the hair does not penetrate the middle of the hair, while the UVA penetrates through the cuticle and comes to the crust.

By the action of the sun, there is a change of hair color, and the brown becomes reddish and the bright yellow. Other adverse effects (such as hair drying, hot chemistry) cause a change in the hair structure, so knots on the fingers may develop, or small bubbles may develop in the structure of the body, or a knot of tired hair that is difficult to comb.

How to reduce hair damage especially the UV rays?

It would be assumed: to properly caress it, with the use of local preparations that provide photo-protection and have local antioxidants in it. Mild shampoos, masks, and regenerators are required.

In addition, today there are many hair preparations that have UV protection in the form of a spray, lotion, hair foam, and also modern antioxidant preparations (most commonly green tea, walnut extract and coenzyme Q). All of this can help us preserve the beauty of hair and reduce the damage during summer and year.

Hair loss in the fall

Very common occurrence in women is the increased hair loss in the fall. The breakdown can be mildly expressed almost imperceptibly or very strongly, so a dermatological examination, treatment, and treatment

Very common occurrence in women is the increased hair loss in the fall. The loss may be mildly pronounced almost imperceptibly or very strongly, so dermatological examination, treatment and treatment is required. Normal loss is 40 to 120 hairs every day , and a bigger loss is a sign of something happening and something needs to be done.

Hair loss in the fall - Very common occurrence in womenHair and hair root are very sensitive to all external influences, and also to all conditions in the body, and certain changes and conditions can cause hair loss. Hair in humans has its own growth and resting stages.

It is believed that hair in women enters the sleep phase during the summer which can keep it from the influence of the “Uv Air”. Hair cells are, after bone marrow, the other on the speed of cell production in the body, and are therefore extremely sensitive to any changes in the body.

Irond deficiency

Iron deficiency is best detected by ferritin values ​​because most of the iron in the body is stored in ferrite, a protein that helps in hair cells production and protects against hair loss. Poor nutrition with inadequate amounts of iron, abundant menstruation and birth are most often responsible for iron deficiency in the body.

Iron deficiency can also be triggered by gluten intolerance (a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye) which affects the ability of the intestines to properly absorb food, so the body does not get enough nutrients, including iron. Good natural sources of red meat, egg yolks and green leafy vegetables, and vitamin C is also important for iron respiration, and vitamin C is also extracted with iron in the capsule.

The cause of hair loss can be a strong child and sudden weight loss when the body spends all the supplies. Therefore, a diet must be cautious and conducted under expert guidance.

Other causes

The second most common cause of hair loss in women is polycystic ovary syndrome, which results in excessive amounts of testosterone. This can cause excessive hairiness on the body with increased hair loss. In addition to this syndrome, acne, skin, thickness, and depression are very common.

Thyroid diseases work hard on hair and excess and deficiency of the thyroid hormone work on hair. Thyroid problems it is more common in some families, so it is a genetic factor, or because of some striking conditions. In diabetics, especially type 2 diabetes, hair loss is increased because it is an elevated level of insulin that causes higher levels of testosterone and hair loss.

Numerous medications can cause hair loss, most notably beta-blockers, anticoagulants, antidepressants, retinoids, etc. Chronic stress conditions, especially in long-term anxiety conditions, can cause hair loss and scalp haircut. Very often the patients themselves connect their hair loss with stress.


Seasonal hair loss in autumn is a normal occurrence and it is very common, so if it is up to 100 hairs a day is not something to worry about, but if hair loss is stronger, it is definitely a dermatologist review. Always after a detailed interview and review the dermatologist doubts whether something else has further boosted the breakdown and whether it is just a falling off or not.

It can also suggest laboratory processing where iron, ferrite and thyroid hormones always work. Food information is also important, diet, weight loss, stressful situations, quality of sleep, menstrual cycles etc. After the treatment is done, the cause is sought to be targeted to treat the cause of hair loss and consequently affects the hair root itself.

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