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Benefits of FUE
The FUE method has many advantages over other methods and in Europe, it is the most common method: the risk of scarring is small, infections or other complications are minimal and more hair follicles can be theoretically picked out. A patient suffering from hair loss has a limited number of hair follicles and it is important to cope with these resources. In the USA, the strip is still very common, but more and more clinics go to FUE.
male hair loss
Stop male hair loss with proper treatment
It is often possible to stop male hair loss with the correct measure of hair loss treatment, products, and drugs. The method we advocate is hair transplants, but you can also combine a hair transplant with drugs like Rogaine and Propecia, mesotherapy and .
Hair loss is caused by hormones, genetics and time
Hair loss in men can be due to a variety of different causes such as diseases, nutritional deficiency, scalp scars, hormonal imbalances, stress, and heredity. The most common cause of hair loss is what is called genetic hair loss or hereditary hair loss that can affect both men and women who have a genetic set that has a legacy of the condition. Hereditary hair loss is significantly more common in men than in women.

As is apparent from the name, the hair loss is genetically determined and passed on from generation to generation. Male genetic hair loss is hereditary and the genes can be inherited from either the mother or the father’s side. There is a common myth that the genetic inheritance only comes from the mother’s side which is not true.

How does the hair grow?
The growth of hair does not happen continuously but occurs cyclically in different phases. The growth phase (the anagenic phase) is followed in a transition phase with regression (the catagenic phase) and a resting phase (telogen). How these phases happen to vary from individual to individual, but the anagenic phase can take place for 2-5 years while the catechism stage occurs in a few weeks. During the telogen ashes that may last for several months, hair growth will cease. As a result of wear and tearing in the hair that occurs when combing hair, you also have a certain hair loss.
Can male hair loss be prevented?
Genetic hair loss is generally considered as part of the natural aging process and is not considered to be a disease. There are many methods for treating hair loss and you may need to consult a doctor what suits you. There are several different ways to prevent and counter male hair loss with different types of medications and of course, it is also possible to make a hair transplant.

Studies show that

  • 68% of men feel helpless about their hair loss
  • 73% of men who suffer from hair loss feel that they are less attractive than they were when they had hair

Both men and women produce “male” hormones. The most common of these are testosterone, androsterone ​​dione, and dihydrotestosterone (DHT).