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Hair loss solutions for women – all you need to know

Loss of hair can be troublesome, especially for women. So, holding your head up, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss the best hair loss solutions for women available right now.

The majority of females face hair thinning and hair fall at some point in their lives. Hair loss can occur on any area of the scalp. Whether you are concerned about thinning of your hair, a receding hairline, or bald patches on top of the head, we have included many hair loss solutions for women in this article.


  1. What Causes Hair Loss In Females?
  2. Dietary Hair Loss Solutions For Women – Foods and Supplements
  3. Best Product For Female Hair Loss
  4. What Really Works For Hair Loss? The Ultimate Hair Loss Solution For Women
  5. Conclusion

What causes hair loss in females?

woman showing a bald spot on her headHere is a list of the most common causes of hair loss in women:

  • Genetics: Similar to men, genes play their role in female pattern hair loss too. Also known as androgenetic alopecia, it is a type of hair loss due to the effects of the male hormones (which are also present in women, but a lower amount).
  • Poor Diet: Deficiencies of certain vitamins (e.g vitamin D and biotin) and minerals (e.g iron and zinc) can cause hair loss.
  • Hair Style: Your hairstyle might be too harsh on your hair follicles. Tight ponytails and braids can result in what is called traction alopecia due to the tension they put on the hair and scalp.
  • Intense Stress: Extreme levels of physical or emotional stress can cause your hair to temporarily shed. This is because your body forces your hair into the telogen stage prematurely. Examples include major surgery or childbirth (physical stress), and general stress (which could be career-related or from a life event).
  • Hormonal Changes: This can be seen in menopause, pregnancy, childbirth, thyroid disorders, polycystic ovary syndrome, and also while taking birth control pills. Hormone levels fluctuate and result in temporary hair loss or hair thinning.
  • Other causes: Discover the many other causes of female hair loss here.

    Does women’s hair thin with age?

    Yes, most women may notice it around or after menopause, but it can occur earlier as well. The reason for this is hormonal changes with age.

    Estrogen levels begin to fall because your ovaries change the amount they produce. This causes your hair to become thinner and grow slower than before. Consequently, more hairs are stuck in the resting phase and increased hair fall can be seen.

    Dietary hair loss solutions for women – foods and supplements

    A healthy diet is absolutely necessary for healthy hair. Make sure you have sufficient supplies of these essential nutrients in your daily dietary intake:

    • Iron
    • Vitamin D
    • Biotin
    • Proteins
    • B Vitamins
    • Zinc

    Supplements might also help but they won’t beat the benefits of eating foods rich in these nutrients on a daily basis.

    Fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, eggs, and chicken are natural hair loss solutions for women who want to improve their hair through their diet.

    What should you eat to stop hair fall immediately?

    To stop your hair fall almost immediately, you need to adopt a healthy diet. Eat food that is rich in the nutrients mentioned above.

    For example:

    • Spinach is a great vegetable to include in your diet as it is rich in iron.
    • Eggs give you biotin and many other vitamins. Plus they are a great source of protein too.
    • Fish will provide you with plenty of omega-3 fatty acids and protein.
    • Fruit – don’t forget to eat fruits daily, they are packed full of vitamins.

    In short, adopting a balanced diet will give your hair an all-natural boost.

    Best product for female hair loss

    Several pharmaceutical products can work for your hair loss issues. They include:

    • Minoxidil
    • Anti-androgen medications like spironolactone
    • Inflammation reducing corticosteroids
    • Different types of medicated shampoos

    However, it is important to use these products after consultation with your doctor or hair transplant surgeon. Not all of these medications are suitable as hair loss solutions for women as it depends on the cause.

    In fact, the only FDA-approved drug for female hair loss is Minoxidil, however, it does have side effects and needs to be applied every day.

    Minoxidil: an effective hair loss medication for women

    Perhaps the best product you can find for female hair loss is minoxidil. It is a vasodilator drug. When applied to the affected area, which in our case is the scalp, it dilates blood vessels, thus increases blood flow to the hair follicles. Thus, it results in enhanced blood and nutrient delivery for hair growth.

    Good results are very likely from the use of minoxidil. However, a few drawbacks keep it from being a perfect hair loss solution:

    • You need to use it long-term with a lot of patience; applying once or twice daily for years. Initial results may be seen some three months after you start using it.
    • When you stop using minoxidil, the condition is going to reverse.

    So, is there anything even better for you than minoxidil? Keep reading to find out.

    What really works for hair loss? The ultimate hair loss solution for women

    While almost every treatment option has its limitations including minoxidil, there is one treatment that really works for hair loss. The DHI hair transplant is the most effective method, which is a permanent hair loss solution for women.

    Hair transplant – The best hair loss treatment for women

    Hair transplantation involves an intricate procedure to implant hair grafts into baldness areas on the scalp. It takes four to nine hours for the process but the results are life-long. More than 95 percent of hair transplants are successful.

    Unlike any other treatment, a hair transplant is a one-time solution. With advanced techniques like the SDHI technique, you can achieve optimal results with natural-looking hair. Patients who have got hair transplants report higher self-esteem and are very satisfied with the results.


    Hair loss can cause a lot of frustration as it can take a toll on your confidence. But to our luck, it is highly treatable.

    There are multiple hair loss solutions for women available as we discussed. Although drugs like minoxidil are generally effective, a hair transplant is a long-lasting hair loss solution for women.

    Still, which method suits you the best depends on the nature of your hair loss circumstances.

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