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Dr Balwi: Hair Surgery Specialist

Dr Balwi is our hair surgery specialist. With over 35,000 delighted patients to their credit, our chief physician and his team of experts are dream makers. They are fulfilling the dream of a lifetime for people affected by hair loss: to regain their full head of hair and their self-confidence.

In addition, Dr Balwi is also active in research. He co-developed the SDHI and NEO FUE methods – both of which are exclusively available from Elithair.

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Dr Balwi is the hair surgery expert at Elithair
VDr Balwi talks about the mission of Elithair
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Dr Balwi’s mission as a hair surgery specialist

Dr Balwi’s motivation goes much deeper than achieving international success. He became an expert in hair transplantation surgery because of his need to help people in pain.

Our expert demands from himself and his team complete empathy with the patients. This enables them to respond to the wishes and needs of each individual patient with the highest level of care.

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Awards and certificates

Top service provider award

Top service provider for hair transplant surgery

Award for highly recommend service

Best service provider for hair transplants

Proven Expert Award

Excellent service rating based on +5,000 reviews

Award for top recommendation

“Very good” award for hair transplantation services

Very good award for hair transplantation

“Very good” Independent survey

Confirmation of participation in the World congress

Participation in the 27th World Congress of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS)

Participation in conference award

Participation in the Nexgen Biopharma conference

Certificate of IACT membership

Member of IACT (International Association for. Cell Therapy) Switzerland

Confirmation of IACT membership

Member of IASCT (International Association for Stem Cell Transplantation) USA

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Satisfied patients

Icon UK Bobby

“Very welcoming staff with proper knowledge and detail guidelines. I recommend Elithair to everybody. Thank you so much for making this process very easy and comfortable.”

Icon UK Matthias

“Everything went well, the staff are really friendly, the doctor’s assistants did a great job and were friendly.”

Icon UK Ross

“From start to finish the whole process has been excellent, they looked after all of my needs and explained everything in thorough detail. “

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About Dr Abdulaziz Balwi

Dr Abdualziz Balwi has been Chief Medical Officer at Elithair since 2016 and, as a specialist in autologous hair transplantation, he leads one of the most successful teams in this field. Described by many colleagues as a leading authority on hair transplantation, he enjoys international recognition.

To date, Dr Balwi and his team have helped more than 35,000 patients restore their hair to its former glory and have made a profound difference in their lives. Driven by the desire to advance his field, he has developed and refined successful methods. These include NEO FUE and the SDHI procedure. The SDHI procedure allows for absolutely perfect final results, especially for women.

Dr Balwi participates in numerous advanced training courses and seminars such as the annual ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) conference. By choosing Elithair, you are guaranteed to use the most modern and effective techniques.

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Dr Balwi our hair surgery expert over a cup of coffee
Dr Fadil Balwi is the right hand man to Dr Abdulaziz Balwi

Dr Fadil Balwi

Dr Abdulaziz Balwi found the ideal partner in his brother, Dr Fadil Balwi, who is also an expert in hair transplantation. He has been the indispensable right-hand man of our Chief Medical Officer for the past 6 years.

Dr Fadil Balwi has participated in a number of advanced training courses on the subject of hair transplantation, as well as two seminars of the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery).

Together with the other Elithair experts, the Balwi brothers form a competent and experienced medical duo that has revolutionised and will continue to revolutionise the field of hair surgery.

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Always at the forefront of innovation

In order to keep up to date with the latest developments in the field of hair transplantation, Dr Balwi regularly attends seminars, conferences and other professional events. Whether as a speaker or for continuing education purposes, this hair transplant specialist is a welcome guest at all important conferences. Above all, the communication and exchange of information with his colleagues are very important and valuable to him.

As European leaders in hair surgery, Elithair is aware that continuing education is a top priority.

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Dr Balwi at various hair transplant conferences

Conferences, Seminars and Events


ISHRS Conference


Stem Cell Conference


FUE Conference


Hair Surgery Conference


Conference on hair transplantation


2nd Mediterranean FUE Workshop


Dermatologists’ Day


FUE Conference


3rd Mediterranean FUE Workshop


ISHRS Online Operation Workshop


FUE International Meetings

Antalya, Turkey

International Congress of Emergency Medicine


PRP Conference


Friends Hair Day

What Dr Balwi and his team stand for

Hair surgery is an outpatient procedure that should only be performed by experts. At Elithair, each patient receives an individual consultation and each treatment is performed to the highest standard. In order to provide each of their patients with an exceptional service, our specialists never fail to undergo training.

Contact us today, we look forward to advising you.

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Dr Balwi and his team of hair transplant specialists