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Problem with Men’s Baldness

Most modern men sooner or later face the problem of baldness. It can be caused by various factors - disorders of the thyroid gland, stresses, side effects from taking medications. Typically, in most cases, alopecia (from the Latin "alopecia" - baldness, baldness) is...

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What is Focal Alopecia?

The problem of focal alopecia becomes more and more urgent every day. According to statistics, at least once in life from nesting alopecia suffered 0.1% of the world population. This unaesthetic and very complex disease is most often manifested in 15-30 years,...

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What are hair transplants about ?

There are different prices for each type of hair transplant. Not everyone can live with the happiness of having abundant hair, and this can be hereditary or caused by an accelerated stress-filled lifestyle, without being able to avoid baldness. After an endless list...

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