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Strengthen the roots to prevent hair loss

Healthy hair - beautiful, shiny, thick: chic hair is always admired and even envy of others. Alas, not all this wealth is granted from nature. However, to achieve such a result is quite possible, with the addition of another epithet – "well-groomed." It is on how much...

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Small secrets of long hair

It's no secret that hair is a symbol of female beauty. And every year, with the advent of spring, we always want that not only the figure but also the hair looked perfect - and therefore, were long, thick and healthy. How to accelerate the growth of hair in the...

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How to restore burnt hair

Frequent staining with persistent paints, discoloration, styling with thermal media is a daily test by which we expose our hair. As a result, they become thinner, brittle, split and dull. There is an opinion that the only chance to cure spoiled hair is to trim them....

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Henna for hair loss

Since ancient times henna has given beauty and health to beauties. In ancient India, this phytomedicine was used not only for tattoos but also for strengthening and treating hair. Over time, European women appreciated the possibilities of this tool. Healing henna...

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Hair care after 60 years

Every woman, regardless of the number of years, wants to remain attractive and well-groomed. Alas, not only the skin and the figure worsen with age; hair also becomes dull and lifeless, begin to actively gray and fall out. However, do not get discouraged ahead of...

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Diseases of the thyroid gland and hair loss

The hair, skin, and nails of a person are excellent indicators of inner harmony - if the body is healthy, all systems work together, the state of health is excellent, then the curls look great, shine and grow rapidly. But if something happens in the body, it leads to...

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Treatment of hair loss in women

Almost every second woman is familiar with the problem of hair loss. For many of us dandruff and hair loss is caused by stressful situations and passes after a while, but for some of the fair sex, the hair fall is a disease that can last many...

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Differences between FUE and FUT

In the case of a follicular unit extraction (FUE), the follicular units are taken one by one on the occipital and occipitoparietal area. This is done by a disintegration of the dermis that surrounds the capillary stem. Through a gentle...

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