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Serums from hair loss

If the hair falls out intensely, you need to establish the reasons for this phenomenon and start treatment in time. In the treatment of alopecia successfully used serum against hair loss. We will tell, what for is necessary and as the serum from hair loss works. Let's...

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Problem with Men’s Baldness

Heredity also determines the age at which a man begins to lose hair, and the type of baldness that can begin at the top of the head, from the temporal region or from the forehead. Often the early stage of alopecia in the male type is visible to the naked eye even in...

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What is Focal Alopecia?

Nesting alopecia or focal alopecia is a chronic inflammatory disease. For the ailment, the lesions of the hair follicle sites are characteristic. In rare cases, nails also suffer from alopecia. Round smooth areas appear not only on the head, but also on the face, and...

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What are hair transplants about ?

There are different prices for each type of hair transplant. After an endless list of hair products has been invented, there’s a medical procedure that can help you: the hair transplant, which is nothing more than transplanting hair to your head. This is an...

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