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Why is loss or thinning of the hair produced

Although it is a problem that occurs more frequently in men, the loss or thinning of hair can also occur in women and children. It is normal that each day between 20 and 100 hair fall (in autumn to 200), although they are replaced naturally. It is part of the process...

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Why does hair fall out?

Why does hair fall out? Under normal conditions, in the head of any person, there are approximately 100,000 hairs that, like everything in the body, have their own life cycle, which covers between two and six years (anagen phase). During this time it grows at a rate...

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9 really effective tips against hair loss

Effective tips against hair loss To prevent hair loss it is very important to take measures both internally and externally. We will improve our diet, avoid the elements of heat and try to control stress. Hair loss is a problem for those who suffer it. Not only can it...

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HOW TO WASH THE SCALP WHILE WASHING YOUR HAIR To use as mild as possible shampoo, the little color, fragrance. Or contain preservatives. Avoid silicones (stick the scalp pores) WHAT CAN HAIR PROBLEMS OCCUR WITH THE WRONG SHAMPOO? The hair can become straw, dry or...

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How to prevent hair aging

Essentially, the aging process is characterized by two phenomena: the reduction of yarn density, with a decrease in its thickness, and the loss of its natural color, which leads to white hair. The fault lies in the loss of amino acids, which are essential for hair....

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Did you know that hair also grows old?

That our skin ages everyone already knows. But what about hair, does it age too? Yes, you can bet. Hair aging is directly linked to our biological age, however hormonal changes or external factors such as smoking, alcoholism, and nutritional deficiencies can...

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Best tips for beautiful and healthy hair

Hair Care The best tips for beautiful and healthy hair Hair care is often a daily procedure of washing, shampooing, blow-drying, spraying and styling. Many resorts to products that do more harm than good. Learn more about natural hair care and how to naturally get...

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5 Plants to Strengthen Your Hair

5 Plants to Strengthen Your Hair Although it is common that at certain times of the year the hair loss is more pronounced (for example in the fall), this is also due to weak hair and no strength. We know that hair loss can be caused by a number of factors, but one of...

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