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Best tips for beautiful and healthy hair

Hair Care The best tips for beautiful and healthy hair Hair care is often a daily procedure of washing, shampooing, blow-drying, spraying and styling. Many resorts to products that do more harm than good. Learn more about natural hair care and how to naturally get...

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5 Plants to Strengthen Your Hair

5 Plants to Strengthen Your Hair Although it is common that at certain times of the year the hair loss is more pronounced (for example in the fall), this is also due to weak hair and no strength. We know that hair loss can be caused by a number of factors, but one of...

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Care of Beautiful, Healthy und Smooth Hair

If you have straight hair, you know your hair needs special attention. For smooth hair to be admired it needs to be flawless. It cannot be burned, it can not have double ends and it can not be broken. The threads should be moisturized, with a lot of lusters and...

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How to increase hair volume

Believe it or not, cutting the ends of the hair a bit can help it to gain hair volume, since this way we remove the broken areas, which are thinner. How to increase hair volume Women who have fine hair or a tendency to fall can take advantage of the following tips to...

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Dry hair – Natural treatment to fight it

To favor the hydration of our hair we can choose to use natural products that, although at first, they may seem ineffective, they will leave our hair much more nourished. People who have dry hair know how difficult it is to keep it healthy and looking good. This type...

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Dry hair care. Causes and solutions.

Dry hair care, causes and solutions Dry hair feels hard and looks dull, longer breaks and then splits easily. Okay, with short men's hair, the latter does not matter. But soft, shiny and shapeable everyone would like it. So what to do? Some people always want to...

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Are you tired of a fatty and oily hair

Are you tired of a fatty hair - Let's find out what can you do about it? Fatty hair can be a terrible problem because it looks messy, blinded, dirty. How to get rid of fatty hair? Here are the tips and tricks that you have to try! In order to find the right solution...

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6 tricks to strengthen and detoxify hair

There are several causes that harm the health of the hair, external aggressors that weaken, intoxicate and dry it. We have prepared a list of natural ingredients to strengthen and detoxify your hair. 6 tricks to detoxify hair The dyes, the dryer, the iron and many...

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