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HOW TO PROPERLY CARE FOR YOUR SCALP Often, doctors also advise against washing your hair every day! Especially for women and men who deal with the public or sit in important positions, this can be a big problem. If a gentle shampoo is used, which does not degrease the...

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Hair care at home

Well-groomed hair is not just an indispensable attribute of beauty. A shiny, thick female or male head of hair shows the health of the organism to others. Of course, to maintain an attractive appearance requires regular hair care at home. In a modern metropolis, this...

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Why it itches

Brilliant thick hair is one of the indicators of the health of the body. Itching, dandruff skin of the scalp signal about this or that failure. The reasons why it itches are different. In some cases, they can be eliminated without resorting to a doctor- dermatologist....

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How to grow long hair

It's no secret that long thick hair attracts attention, a beautiful shiny shock counts as an indicator of health, remarkable heredity. Since growing long hair at home in a fairly short time is quite possible for every woman, this is worth doing. The correct approach...

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How to take good care of hair

The fatter the hair, the cooler the water should be. In addition, do not apply shampoo to dry hair: first you have to wet your hair with water, then pour a little shampoo on your palm, rub it and slowly and gently rub it into the scalp, and only wash the hair with a...

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Hair Care during winter days

Dry and brittle hair that tends to split ends? Especially in the cold season, the hair needs a lot of care. We'll tell you how to protect your hair when it's cold and what to look for when it comes to hair care in winter.Mild shampoo The heating air removes moisture...

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Dry hair: That’s the cause

In the normal state, every single hair is closed. So it reflects the light and shines particularly beautiful, at the same time the inner hair core is protected. But especially in the summer, the hair is heavily added: when swimming in the sea, for example, saltwater...

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Strong hair loss

What can you do about it? Strong hair loss is a mental burden for men and women alike because a full head of hair belongs to the widespread beauty ideal. Diverse causes can cause hair to fail faster than normal, and regrowing hair can no longer compensate for the...

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Natural remedy against dandruff

Have you noticed the dandruff every time you combing? This is not a serious health problem, but it is an unpleasant phenomenon that would surely be resolved as soon as possible. Below is the best natural remedy against the skin.Where does dandruff come from? One of...

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Lemon, the best food for your hair

The hairstyle is the most important part of every woman's image. When she is beautiful and her hair is well-groomed, everything that is beautiful to you comes to light; Otherwise, regardless of how you dress and what you are, it almost does not even notice. However,...

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