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The anaesthetic tool for a more comfortable hair transplant

Does a hair transplant cause pain?

During a hair transplant session, the fear of needles and pain during anaesthesia is very prominent for some patients. Fortunately, we use the European certified “Comfort-In” system. With us, these concerns are therefore unfounded.

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Anaesthesia with the “Comfort-In” method

Hair transplants are the only permanent solution to baldness. Unfortunately, some people are concerned that anaesthesia for hair transplants can be painful. This is especially true for patients who are anxious about using needles and syringes.

With Comfort-In anaesthesia, you don’t have to worry about that. With this needle-free tool, our team delivers the anaesthetic under the scalp without the need for needle injection. This allows us to offer you a more comfortable anaesthetic procedure.

This pen-like injection device is simply pressed against the area of the scalp to be anaesthetised. The doctor then presses the plunger of the device, which releases the anaesthetic under high pressure. It is this pressure that allows the product to pass through the epidermal barrier without the aid of a needle. The procedure takes only a few seconds and leaves no scars. The hair treatment is carried out directly afterwards, always using the latest methods.

You are in good hands with the Elithair team. There is nothing to stop you from having a new thick head of hair, not even the fear of pain during a hair transplant.

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Dr Balwi applying the needle free anaesthetic

Reduced pain for your hair transplant

A set with the Comfort-In application tool

Pain reduction

The Comfort-In tool reduces the pain of a hair transplant session even at the anaesthetic administration stage.

A hair transplant surgeon preparing the local anaesthetic

No needles

The unique and innovative Comfort-In needle-free system reduces patient anxiety. Being physically relaxed is also an important factor in reducing pain.

A close up of the Comfort-In anaesthetic tool

Pressure injection

The Comfort-In tool injects the anaesthetic into the scalp using high pressure.

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Advantages of the Comfort-In method

  • Needle-free anaesthesia
  • Can be applied to the entire head
  • Patented and European certified tool
  • Simple, quick and reliable to use
  • The anaesthetic takes effect more quickly
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Graphic illustrating the difference between normal anaesthetic and Comfort-In
A more comfortable hair transplant
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How does the anaesthetic work for my hair transplants?

The idea of injections is oppressive for many people. Our team is aware of this, which is why we use the Comfort-In system. This allows the local anaesthetic to be injected under the scalp without the use of needles. This way, even patients who are afraid of injections can enjoy a more comfortable hair transplant.

How does the procedure work? A nozzle with a plunger is located at the lower end of the device. The lower orifice has a diameter of 0.15 mm and contains 0.5 ml of anaesthetic liquid. When the trigger at the top end of the pen is pulled, the nozzle plunger descends and injects the solution into the scalp.

The use of compressed air makes Comfort-In the best tool for reducing pain during your hair transplant procedure.

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What if the anaesthesia wears off during the treatment?

Every person has a different metabolism. This also applies to local anaesthetic. In some patients, the effect of the anaesthetic may wear off prematurely during the procedure. If this happens, simply inform the surgical team and they will re-inject a dose of anaesthetic. Rest assured that your hair transplant will be performed smoothly and with as little pain as possible.

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A hair transplant surgeon applying the local anaesthetic
Dr Balwi and his medial team applying a local anaesthetic to a patient

Optimal anaesthesia for your hair transplant with the Comfort-In System

The Comfort-In system guarantees a more comfortable anaesthesia for your hair transplant. It is the ideal solution for people who are afraid of injections.

Another positive aspect of this tool is that the surrounding skin is not damaged. The risk of infection in the area where the anaesthetic is injected is therefore also virtually eliminated.

An anaesthetic administered in this way diffuses and takes effect more quickly. This means that the operation can be started earlier. The Comfort-In system and tool is certified, patented and easy to use anywhere on the head.

Are you interested in hair implants and would you like to reduce the hair transplant pain through local anaesthesia with Comfort-In? Elithair is your ideal partner! Make an appointment without obligation for a preliminary discussion with our team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about the Comfort In method?

With the innovative technology, the anaesthetic is not injected into the skin but injected using high pressure. This way the anaesthetic works faster and more efficiently.

What does the procedure cost?

In order to determine the cost of a hair transplant, your hair situation and the type of hair loss must be determined in a free initial consultation. The number of grafts and the method with which they are to be transplanted are designed accordingly.

How does a hair transplant work?

To transplant hair, the hair channels are first opened under local anaesthesia to remove the grafts. The hair follicles are first placed in a special nutrient solution.

Depending on the method, hair channels are first placed in the recipient area or the hair follicles are implanted directly.

How long does a hair transplant take?

The length of the procedure varies depending on the method and the number of grafts. On average, our patients spend between six and eight hours in the operating room.

Is a hair transplant permanent?

For a hair transplant, grafts are removed from your own body and transplanted into the bald areas. In this way, the body takes on its own hair follicles again without any problems. The grafts can produce new hair in the new location for the rest of your life.

At Elithair, we give a 30-year guarantee on the grafts we have transplanted, provided you adhere to the follow-up instructions from our experts.

How does the aftercare phase work?

After the treatment, the first few days are crucial. Treat yourself to absolute rest and relaxation. After just 14 days, the grafts are firmly attached and you can go back to your usual routine.

Who is the Comfort In method available to?

At Elithair, needleless anaesthesia is used for all of our patients. As Europe’s number 1, we focus on the comfort of our customers. We have already helped over 35,000 people achieve perfect results.

When is the right time for a hair transplant?

Depending on the type and progress of the hair loss, the ideal time for the procedure should be determined individually. In a free initial consultation, we will determine your personal hair situation and give you a competent assessment of the optimal time for perfect results.