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When choosing to do a hair transplant in Turkey, the best surgeon is the first factor to consider. If the surgeon is prepared, experienced and qualified, rely on safe hands and can rely on a satisfaction final result.


It must be remembered that, although it is a day-hospital intervention, it is still an intervention. Also, the clinic must be at the height and must present all the necessary characteristics to be able to do this type of intervention.

For example, the Liv Hospital clinic is not only equipped with the most modern and advanced technologies for hair transplants but also with intensive care rooms and highly qualified and specialized medical staff.


The medical team is led by Dr. Balwi, estimated in Turkey, and not only, for his great professionalism. Suffice it to say that since 2010 he has performed more than 20,000 hair transplants using the FUE technique, and all of them are successful!


What are the characteristics of the best hair transplant surgeons?


First of all, it is necessary to know if the surgeon has a degree and where, what are his work experiences and the certifications obtained. Furthermore, it is important to know his work environment and what are the opinions on the clinic in which he works. These two factors go hand in hand because an excellent surgeon never works in optimal hygienic and sanitary conditions.


Characteristics of the best clinics:


  • Advanced Medical and Health Equipment
  • JCI
  • Positive patient experiences
  • Guarantee on hair transplants


As mentioned above, it is essential that the clinic has all the characteristics of a sterile environment. It is also important to know that all medical and health equipment is of the latest generation to guarantee the best to patients.


Another important feature is the certifications and accreditations that the clinic has obtained. For example, the clinic Liv Hospital has received important international recognition, the JCI, Joint Commission International. This recognition is given only to clinics that offer the highest medical health standards.


The experiences of other patients should also be taken into account, as a better recommendation than that of other satisfied patients! This type of information is easy to obtain today, thanks to the internet, in a moment the opinions can be verified both on the clinic and on the surgeon.


The guarantee on hair transplants is synonymous with the quality of the services offered by the clinic. Liv Hospital offers a 30-year guarantee on all hair transplants.


Cost of hair transplantation in Turkey


The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey is much lower than the costs in our country for several reasons. The first concerns the cost of living, much lower than any other European country that lowers the costs of maintaining the clinic. Moreover, even the difference in value between currencies significantly reduces costs.


With us, an FUE All Inclusive hair transplant package starts at € 1799!


For more information do not hesitate to contact one of our consultants without any commitment or cost!

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