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How good is the nettle for hair?


Nettle is one of the plants that can be used for the hair benefit. Do you know what it is used for? Then we tell you more about it.

Did you know that nettle is a plant known to help fight dandruff and hair loss? Yes, this plant that grows spontaneously in many places is a powerful ingredient for hair care.

The hair demands certain care in view of that it can be affected by diverse environmental factors. Added to this, the action of free radicals on the scalp is quite strong. It causes deterioration of the skin and, in the long run, causes the appearance of dandruff and other conditions.

Fortunately, to take care of the health of our hair there are several alternatives in order to counteract the damage and promote growth, enhance shine, and so on. It should be noted that most of the alternatives that are more beneficial have a natural origin.

The nettle

Among the alternatives offered by the plant, kingdom highlights the nettle, a very common plant. It grows in humid areas. Usually, near a water source (lake, river, pond, etc.). In fact, it is part of the group of “weeds” that, often, they want to eliminate at all costs of the garden.

Nettle is a plant that is characterized by having several properties: antibacterial, antihistamine, depurative, anti-inflammatory. Its use in medicine can be varied, although it is usually used in infusions or in tonics.

In herbalists, it can be found in capsules. Although it is the least known presentation, it is equally beneficial. It can also be eaten directly (in salads, for example).

Benefits of nettle for hair

Nettle is very useful for hair care because it helps regulate the production of fat in the scalp and release accumulated toxins. Consequently, it promotes capillary health.

People who know this plant usually include some leaves inside their usual shampoo to take advantage of their benefits. On the other hand, they also include it in their homemade hair masks, tonics, and so on.

Prevents hair loss

By stimulating blood circulation, the hair follicles are strengthened and this prevents both weakening and hair loss.

Regulates the production of fat

Of all the hair types that exist, fat is one of the most complicated when it comes to taking care of every day. However, it is a very common problem and it does have a solution.

Excess sebum and the agglomeration of foreign particles can be very annoying. Luckily, a plant such as a nettle helps regulate excess fat. As it does? By cleansing toxins from the hair and combating the bacteria that cause the increase in the production of fat on the scalp.

Strengthens hair

In view of the above benefits, the hair undergoes considerable strengthening when the nettle is used regularly. However, the great secret of this plant not only lies in the fact that it is rich in vitamins and minerals but it is also a powerful source of hydration.

In this way, by cleaning and hydrating the hair, the increase in volume and the quality of the new hair that is growing is favored. Therefore, after just one week of use, the hair takes on a much healthier appearance. After one month, the person already has a splendid mane.

How to take advantage of this plant

To take advantage of the benefits of this plant in the care of your hair you can prepare an infusion. For this, you should look for a good amount of fresh nettle leaves.

Once you have them you can place a pot to boil with 200ml of water. When the water reaches its boiling point, add the leaves and lower the intensity of the fire. Wait 5 minutes and turn off the fire.

You can drink this infusion or place it in your hair after washing it with your usual shampoo. Repeat this procedure frequently and you will see the results little by little.

You can also take advantage of the leaves of the plant by including them in green smoothies, stews, salads, etc. You have to be creative!

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