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How to do a hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is performed in a hospital setting by a team of hair transplant doctors and nurses with approximately 4-8 hours of operation, transferring the hair roots from the donor area of ​​the person determined as the nape region to the predetermined bald area. How is the hair plantation done by telling the stages of the hair plant operation? We will answer the question in detail.

A hair transplantation consist of 7 stages

  • Hair Transplantation Operation Preparation
  • Preoperative Anesthesia
  • Collection of Grafts
  • Preparation of Grafted Grafts
  • Opening Channels
  • Placement of Hair Roots

What are the steps before a hair transplantation ?

Before the hair transplantation surgery, there are some steps for the patient to prepare in order to make the hair implant easier and more successful in the preparation phase of the hair plant operation.

Signing the Patient Approval Paper

The signing of the patient’s consent paper is a feared situation for the first time, but it is imperative that a form is filled in our country to ensure that it is adequately informed before the operations and that the patient’s consent is obtained.

Planning of a hair transplantation

After signing the approval sheet, a preliminary meeting with the doctor will be started to plan hair transplantation. In anticipation, the doctor interviews you personally and gives you the information you need about the operation. After that, the planting of the hair is started. For accurate planning of plantation, amount your hair before surgery.

The haircutting process for the hair transplantation is done at our medical center after planning the hair plantation.

Shaving the head

The most important thing to know here is that you need to cut your hair beforehand. Your doctor needs to see the natural state of your hair on the day of operation, in the center of the hair plant, in order to plan your hair plant. After hair plan planning, the hair shaving is done by the nurses in the center of the hair plant.

Hosting in the Operation Room

The operations of the hair styling are done with special sterile operation clothes. The patient wears the operation suit given to him before moving to the operation room. Hair transplantation operations are long-running operations that last between 4 and 8 hours, and the patient will be under the local anesthesia and awake.

Thus, in this process, the patient will not feel any pain or pain due to local anesthesia, can sleep, can listen to music, can watch television with the approval of the doctor. The patient, who will be open during the operation of hair fixation, can eat a light meal that will not disturb him when the operation is interrupted.

What is a channel opening in a hair transplantation ?

Channel opening is the most important stage of a hair transplantation. Channeling is thus the most important step as it affects the naturalness of the hair. Local anesthesia is also applied to the area to be planted so that no pain is felt before going into the channel opening process.

It is worth remembering that local anesthesia is not limited to specific time intervals. Depending on the pain threshold of the patient, local anesthesia can be performed at the time of operation, if deemed necessary.

How are hair roots grafted ?

In the first stage hair follicles are collected from your donor area, the second stage consist in the extraction. The third stage is where the channels are opened. In the fourth and last stage, the hair follicles held in a cold environment and grafted in the opened channels.

The operation is completed after the last step have been completed. The duration of this process can last about 1-2 hours depending on the number of hair roots to be planted. After the hair roots are placed, the planting area is left open.

A short insight into seasonal hair loss

Especially in the autumn season, the hair follicles becomes very sensitive. It must be well protected from any pressure or impact. Many of the patients are able to hit the top of the car roof where the hair is attached when riding after the operation. Let’s draw a particular point to what you need to pay attention to.

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