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elithairtransplant tips on how to repair hair damage
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How to repair hair damage?

Repairing hair damage is one thing, but first, we need to understand that what actually is considered as such ? Hair damage is the structural damage of hair and it does not only include split ends. With the extensive damage, the outer layer of hair (cuticle) is damaged which increases the risk of hair breakage while leaving your hair dull and weak.

Hair damage can be fixed if you properly look after your hair and have a proper hair care routine, which includes fewer hair styling tools, deep moisturising them and proper oiling.

Importance of hairs in the daily life

Healthy hair will add glory to your personality. It is therefore significant that you have knowledge on how to repair damaged hair. Nowadays it is nearly impossible to avoid hair styling tools and hair dyes because people are getting more and more obsessed with hair beauty products.

Heat styling tools, hair dyes, hair care products infused with chemicals and pollution damages the hair. Having a good hair care routine is therefore important for both men and women. Otherwise there will be great chances of damaged hair, hair thinning and, eventually, alopecia.

What are the the main reasons behind hair damage?

There are many factors that may lead to damaged hair, these are:

Hair dyeing:

Hair dyes might seem harmless but they are infused with harmful chemicals that damage the outer layer of hair and might even expose the cortex. Cortex is the middle layer of hair; it helps to strengthen the hair.
Exposure of the cortex can weaken the hair; it may even result in irreparable damage. Temporary dyes on the other hand just put a layer on the cuticle and cause no significant damage.

Hair styling:

Even normal hair styling can be harmful to your hair, high ponytails, braids, and hand-tied hair wefts can break your hair, especially the areas having high tensions. You can see male and female baldness patterns in the area having hair tension.Women tie up their wet hair; it can lead to permanent hair damage. Even the hair accessories can lead to hair breakage. This type of hair damage is temporary at first but it can result in permanent damage if hair styling is done continuously.

Bleaching leads to damaged hairs :

Bleaching results in severely dry hair. Your cuticle will be completely damaged by the chemicals present in the bleaching agents. The natural oil present in your hair washes away with bleach resulting in dry and frizzy hair. The oxidizing agents such as hydrogen peroxide damages your hair strands. Many men and women who bleached their hair experiences split ends and inelastic hair, the reason behind it was cuticle damage due to the hydrogen peroxide and ammonia present in bleach.

Heat styling tools:

One of the most common reasons for hair breakage and hair damage is excessive use of heat styling tools. The natural oil from your hair strips off while using hair dryers, curling rods or hair straightening iron. You may get the style you want but in this process, you will damage your hair to irreparable levels. You may even damage your hair roots if you don’t use hair dryers in a professional way. Heat damages your hair, makes them brittle and dry.

Shampoos containing chemicals:

Shampoos that have sulfate in them cause hair damage. There are many shampoos available in the markets that are loaded with chemicals. You might just pick up the shampoo that suits your hair type and don’t focus on the chemical ingredients that are present in them. Sodium lauryl sulfate present in shampoo can help in cleansing the scalp but it is extremely damaging for hair. It wipes off the natural oils present on the scalp and can even lead to hair loss. Shampoo manufactorers also use the term fragrance in the ingredients but they don’t mention the thousands of chemicals that they used to create that fragrance. Even excessive use of shampoo can cause dryness in hair because the excessive shampoo will wipe off sebum present on your scalp; cuticle is also protected by sebum.

Chemical treatments:

You can get the desired hair texture by using chemical treatments, but have you ever realised about the damage they cause ? Hair chemical treatments have a wide range of strong chemicals in them that give you permanent hair looks. Disulfide bond present in your hair breaks while perming or rebonding, to give your hair the required texture. Both of these treatments use excessive chemicals on hair leaving them brittle, dull and dry. In severe cases, both men and women can also face hair loss issues, irritation on scalp and hair breakage.

Excessive combing:

You need to avoid brushing your hair when they are wet. Wet hair is prone to damage, even excessive combing can result in more friction in hair. Over combing can also result in split ends and hair breakage.

Elithairtransplant’s tips on how to fix damaged hair

Now that we have talked about the causes behind hair damage, here are a couple of advice that will allow you to counter them.

Refrain from using styling tools:

Excessive use of heat styling tools burn your hairs, therefore, try to avoid using them daily. You can use them once or twice a week but make sure you have used the tool at low temperature.

Avoid hair damage by refraining form chemical treatments:

The chemical treatments are harmful for your hair; they leave your hair damaged and porous while exposing the inner layer of hair. Instead of chemical treatments, you can give your hair a protein treatment, such as keratin treatment. This treatment helps to strengthen your hair, fix the damage and give your hair a shiny and healthy look.

Use hair oils regularly:

Natural oils are the best way to fix the damaged hair. These oils will nourish your scalp and hair. Oils penetrate deep into the hair roots and strengthen them. Oils such as coconut oil and olive are rich in vitamins and are the best source of hair care routine. A combination of carrier oils (coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, etc) with the essential oils (lavender oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, etc) gives extraordinary results to your hair.

Have a balanced diet against damaged hairs :

Your body gets weak if you don’t provide it with the essential nutrients and it affects your hair health. Diet rich in nutrients is essential for hair otherwise; they will start breaking and get weak at the roots. You may also face alopecia if you’re not careful with your diet. A balanced diet will lead to healthy and strong hair.

Use conditioners:

The use of hair conditioners is significant after every hair wash. Conditioners help to retain the moisture in the hair. You can also add the essential oils in your conditioners to get better results. Don’t use the conditioner at the hair roots, just apply it at your hair strands and leave if for 5 minutes, then rinse it off with cold or luke-warm water.

Use chemical free shampoos:

Try using shampoos having natural ingredients; they don’t have any side effects. Go for the shampoos that won’t be harsh on your scalp or your hair. Shampoos with natural ingredients may not cleanse your hair properly but they won’t strip off sebum from your hair and scalp.

Have you tried Dr. Balwi’s hair care products?

Our shampoos and sprays contain natural ingredients that are gentle with your hair. These include biotin, aloe Vera, caffeine, hops, green tea, horsetail and millet extracts, which will help to fix the damage and strengthen your hair directly from the roots. Our products also provide the best hair transplant aftercare treatments to the men and women having performed such a surgery.


Hair damage can be caused due to many reasons, and in some cases, it might even get permanent. The use of bleaching agents, chemicals infused hair dyes and heat styling tools lead to the damaged cuticle. You might even not bother it at the start and you won’t realise the damage until it’s done.

It is important that you properly take care of your hair, provide them will all the essential nutrients and vitamins. Discuss your hair problems with your hairdresser and he/she might suggest some treatments. Select the products that have natural ingredients in them, as they are not harsh on your scalp or hair.

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