Lighten your hair after hair transplant

If you’ve been considering how to lighten your hair, it may not be bad to know that you can do it and the ingredients you have at home. Here are some good ways!

Changing the hairstyle and hair color is the first thing we resort to when we want to make some change on ourselves because it enables us to make the fastest transformation. Hairdressing can add freshness to our appearance. It’s like adding sun to your hair. You must have noticed that flying your hair otherwise gets brighter tones, especially if you are a natural blonde. Well, there are several ways to help nature in this business – in a natural way!

How to naturally devote hair and why

Did you mess with hair color and it became darker than you planned?

Do you have a beautiful, natural hair color and an irresistible desire to change it, but do not want to give it a treatment with strong chemicals?

Maybe you have damaged hair but want change and are afraid that artificial colors will bring you even more damage?

All these are reasons to try out natural hair gestation and are reduced to essentially one – the desire to change for the better.     

Not only is this way of changing hair color much healthier than hair, but some treatments and masks are actually foods and are useful for hair and head skin. The end result is a brighter hair for some shade, a visible change that does not work unnaturally and drastically.

What kind of deduction result will be, depends on the color of your hair. If you want a drastic change, you also need drastic methods. If you only want a small change in the nuance, natural methods are the right thing.

Dark hair will be difficult to paint in blue natural methods, but it can become brighter. As with paint, it all depends on the very structure and pigments of the hair.

Here are a few ways to brighten your hair with natural methods.

Hair removal with cinnamon

You know that unpleasant smell of hair dye? Well, cinnamon for hair is a total contrast. With him, hair is a simple, natural and fragrant experience. And you know what’s best for everything? Beware of this:

Cinnamon, as well as other natural methods that you can try for this purpose, will not turn you from brunette to blonde, but you can get a shade or two brighter hair overnight. That’s right, you read well. Cinnamon for hair is not an aggressive method such as hair color and blanch (bleach) and it takes a lot more time to work. So it’s best to leave it on the hair to work overnight.

How to make a cinnamon sewing machine

You need a spoonful of powdered cinnamon and a little hair conditioner. In fact, this is the amount with which you can begin treatment of hair deduction. How much will these masks need, depends on the length and density of your hair, and whether you want to light up whole hair or just some strands?

Apply a brush to your hair with a cinnamon. If you put all your hair on it, brush it together in order to distribute the mixture evenly. Bend the hair into the bundle and apply it with a foil, and ideally a shower cap. Leave this to stand for at least 6 hours. Given that this is a very long period, it’s best to do it overnight. In the morning, wash the shampoo and start the day with the changes – with a new hair color.

A lighter shade with a lemon of hair

One of the most popular ways for natural hair care is to use lemon juice for this purpose. It is often used as a natural skin care, scar tissue and scalp on your face, and now you will find out how to dye hair with it.

How to make lemon sewing spray

You need to squeeze a lemon juice and dilute it with some water. On a glass of water, add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. Of course, make a quantity that matches your hair length.

How to devote hair to hydrogen

You probably already know that hydrogen peroxide has the ability to irritate your hair. Although it is often used with paint, it is a natural compound ( H 2 O 2 ) and a natural way to get hair.

For a lighter shade of your hair, you do not need paint, and the hydrogen will do the job yourself. It is best to use 3% hydrogen to dilute with water – as much water as hydrogen. Apply it to your hair and let it stand for at least an hour. Then rinse your hair with shampoo.

Strong hydrogen hydrogens are also used to paint the hair. Although natural, they are not harmless and damage their hair. This is not a treatment you need to repeat for days, but it does not hurt to recover your hair with castor oil afterward.

If you have darker hair, hydrogen peroxide can give it orange tones. To make sure that the color will appeal to you, it is best to test this mode on an inner beam.

Hair removal with camellia

This is another simple and inexpensive way to brighten up your hair. Like other natural treatments, it does not give instant effects. On the contrary, you need a lot of these treatments to notice the difference.

How to devote hair to honey

Honey is an excellent treatment that is completely natural, harmless and nutritious. Honey contains small amounts of hydrogen peroxide released in contact with water and this is why it has this effect. To apply it on the hair, it is necessary to dilute it with a little warm water, otherwise, it would be very difficult to apply the adhesive compound on the hair. Keep this as a hairpin for up to an hour a day. Feel free to repeat this treatment for several days to get better results.

Honey is great for combination with other ingredients that lighten your hair, so get the benefit from all of them at once, and it’s great for hair growth.

These methods require a lot of effort and persistence to the first results. Before you give up, keep in mind that sometimes hair and blush hair can get lost and give results that we do not expect. In doing so, they damage their hair.

If you want a particular hair color or intense blue or white, it is best to contact a professional hairdresser. If you only want a slight change and you do not want heals on your hair, then it’s good to know how to naturally dedicate your hair.

Try and be persistent.

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