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Manual hair transplant in Turkey



 Manual hair transplant

Better control of the skin conditions

dhi hair transplant

No damage to the hair follicles

Manual hair transplant

Cleaner removal of the grafts

Manual hair transplant

There are various methods in which a hair transplantation can achieve a desired result. The most effective method always depends on the hair structure of each patient. However, a world-class doctor accompanied by a professional team is of the upmost importance to us.
How can a manual hair transplant achieve your desired results? This can be done via hair status of the patient and further by the quality of the surgeons. Not every provider can offer both methods as staff are simply not well enough trained. What is meant by “manual hair transplant” and under what circumstances it is applicable can be found on this page.

The FUE technique

Which method is the best for a hair transplant? This question is often asked. Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer here. Each method has advantages and disadvantages. One option is the manual hair transplant with the FUE method. We only offer the FUE method because we are absolutely convinced by the past results of our patients. Unlike the FUT method, the FUE method does not leave a large scar, instead it reveals a significantly better hair image at the donor area. The FUT and FUE methods are both options to take out grafts. However, within the FUE method, there are two options to remove the hair follicles. The Motorized and the Manual.

Manual vs Micromotor

In the Manual form, the punch is obviously set manually! However, the differences are with the puncture of the skin. In a manual removal, the puncture is carried out by the wrist of the surgeon, while a motorized removal is carried out by a machine. A well-trained specialist can thus respond much better to the skin conditions and work more carefully. The advantages of this method are, above all, much cleaner work, causing fewer scars and wounds, which is the reason the donor area heals much faster after the operation and enables a higher social confidence. Especially for people in the field or me a lot of customer traffic an important factor. In hair transplantation, there are many methods to consider. In the case of manual hair transplant / manual removal, much less surrounding hair follicles are damaged. This ensures that the donor area looks more nourished with the same number of grafts.

Manual hair transplant, is it more complicated?

On the other hand, it has to be taken into account that a manual hair transplant is much more complicated and a maximum of 2,000 grafts can be removed during a hair transplant. If more grafts are needed, this must be done in 2 sessions. It is also important, as previously mentioned, that the medical practitioner is well-trained and has sufficient experience with this method. Only then can a truly positive outcome be guaranteed. We at Elithairtransplant are one of the few clinics in Turkey to offer this method because Balwi and his team have been working with it for a long time and bring with them a great deal of experience in this area. You do not know how many grafts you need for your hair transplant? No problem! Take advantage of our service – we will offer a free hair analysis for you.


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