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Men’s hairstyles THAT are the trends for 2018!

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Men’s hairstyles THAT are the trends for 2018!

Short, half-long or long? Modern men's hairstyles and cool classics, easy-care and trendy cuts - choose something, dear men. The question of which hairstyle fits which man is not so easy to answer. You should consider the following: Which hairstyle fits the hair structure (dense and strong or fine and smooth), head shape, face shape (how high is the forehead, the hairline runs evenly or form vertebrae) and the hair volume (full or light, are receding hairlines there ).

Then it remains to be clarified whether the hair should be short, medium or long. We help you find the perfect haircut with our hairstyle inspirations!

Which male hairstyle for which face shape?

  • Really crucial to choosing the right hairstyle is the face shape.
  • Men with oval facial features can in principle wear any hairstyle.
  • If you have a high forehead, it is best to choose a hairstyle with bangs, because the pony makes the proportions look more harmonious. For mathematicians, the open brow should not occupy more than a third of the face.
  • Men with vertebrae on the hairline or low forehead choose hairstyles that can be styled with hair gel.
  • Square faces with a distinctive jaw and chin area can easily wear an undercut with a long top coat, which they then stylise into a face or pony sideways.
  • Round faces best do not wear a pony; They should choose hairstyles that go up. Chin-length hair also goes well with this face shape.
  • Long faces choose a pony and prefer to do without short pages. A mushroom, for example – which is also suitable for a receding hairline to hide.

Re-cut? So often do men go to the barber

With an average of 7.6 visits a year, men are much more likely to recur than women. Anyone who does not go to the hairdresser at all or very seldom can usually do their own hairdressing in the family or acquaintance circle or try the hair clipper.

Hairstyle trends for men

The trend hairstyles – especially for the short hairstyles – range from spiky hair (hedgehog tips) over the OlaSeku (long hair, short side ) from the New Crop (ruffled hairs that are a bit longer on the head ). Not so hip is the ” Shag “, the sideways styled, tumbled mushroom head. He is replaced by the just scrubbed variant that showed us the Beatles.

Evergreen is the ” Gelfrisur “, which is currently being played on Saturday evenings. And of course, the Dutt was for men with long hair in focus, the so-called ” Man Bun ” – the first alternative to men’s braid. This year, the side apex is a big topic for trend-conscious men. The look can be dull (wet comb) or glossy (with wet gel). And yes, dear men, you need a comb for that! The nice thing is: There is no trend dictates in terms of men’s hairstyles because the trend hairstyle does not exist in 2018.

A hairstyle classic among short hairstyles is the sporty shortcut with short sides and an elongated obliquely cut bangs. It leaves room for styling: If the pony is left particularly long, can be made from the shortcut a great à la James Dean. Popular hairstyle role models for the barber are Bradley Cooper, David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Robert Pattinson, and Adam Levine.

In or out? Beard hairstyles

In recent years, everything revolved around the themes of “beard” – from the full beard to the three-day beard to the filigree mustache. And yes: Even in 2018, the beard is still in. He has firmly established himself. In our men’s hairstyle range, we also show hairstyles that show which styles fit the facial hair.

Half-length hair plus beard, undercut plus whiskers or mushroom head plus sideburns – 2018 is all!

More than a haircut

One thing is still dear to you, dear men: A hairstyle is more than just rubbing your hair dry. For the necessary inspiration, we show you great ideas for men’s hairstyles that are wearable, easy-care and modern.

Long hair is anything but good and boring. And if you’ve been wearing it for a long time, hairstyles for long hair will give you great inspirations in our photo series, and you’ll be able to style your mane differently.

The look can be very different by very simple changes: for example, the crest to the outside. Or in the middle. We’ll show you how strong the seat of the crown can affect your look: center parting or side parting – what suits you better?

The step cut

A step cut can bring long hair, which has lost momentum, new volume and even contours the face. A good hairdresser knows exactly at which height he has to grade the hair so that the cheek contours are emphasized or a full-bodied face can look narrower. Incidentally, this also works with hair colors and is called Color Contouring.

Even those who like to “breed long” should remember to have their hair cut regularly at the hairdressers. Because on long hair you can see exactly whether the hairstyle and the hair are well-groomed or not. We reveal tricks on how hair grows faster.


Many men like short hair for simplicity and ease of maintenance. However, although short hairstyles are easy to maintain in everyday routine, they require frequent visits to a hairdresser’s hairstyle to make them neat and look good.

Of course, most men choose a hairstyle according to their personal preferences and the one they feel comfortable with, but it’s not bad and looks at trends because you can probably look more fashionable with the slightest change of hair style and leave the impression of a man who follows fashion and trends.

Such a hairstyle allows you to have the length with which you can play if you want, yet it also gives you the confidence that after each exiting from the water you look great.


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