tea tree oil as a natural remedy to dandruff
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Natural remedy for dandruff

Have you noticed the dandruff every time you combing? This is not a serious health problem, but it is an unpleasant phenomenon that would surely be resolved as soon as possible. Below is the best natural remedy against the skin.

Where does dandruff come from ?

One of the usual processes is peeling off the outer layers of dead skin. If the crumbling cells begin to fall at a high speed, this means that you get the rust. There are several reasons why white crunches appear on the head, and one of them is stress.

This is just one example of why it is important to know how to solve stress and reduce its negative effect. Another cause for seborrheic dermatitis may be increased activity of sebaceous gland.

It has been shown that dandruff can be caused by the fungus Pityrosporum. However, those can be removed only with adequate treatment such as the use of natural remedies for dandruff. Other more severe cases may require a hair transplantation.

Natural remedy for dandruff : tea tree oil and rosemary

Tea tree oil contains substances which has a strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It is necessary to make a flushing solution, which is possible by pouring 3 small spoons of crushed roots into a hot water cup. Let it swell in water and drain and wait until it cools down.

You can use the mixture as a solution to wash your hair after a shampoo or at any time. Do be careful as tea tree oil is quite strong, so you will need to dilute it with coconut or olive oil.

If you want to know how to have a nice and healthy hair, a rosemary mixture is also a good remedy for dandruff. Especially since it is also quite efficient against bacteria and fungi. To make the mixture, 1 cup of hot water should be poured over 2 small spoonfuls of crushed rosemary.

Leave the mixture for several minutes and then pour it over. The liquid should only be used once a day, and if you notice it causes redness on the skin, it would be better to try it with some other food.

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Apple Vinegar as a natural remedy for dandruff

Apple vinegar is another interesting solution with which to get rid of dandruff. It’s great because like teat tree oil and rosemary it also destroys bacteria and fungi. You should mix a smaller portion of water with a small piece of apple vinegar.  Then apply it to your hair after you have washed them with a shampoo.

Someone might find this method a bit repulsive. But you can try mixing with yogurt to cover the scent. It is advised that you have a whole yolk with yogurt and allow it to last for up to 30 minutes and rinse. Yoghurt contains bacterias that help control a fungous infection. It only up to you to decide for the best suite remedy for dandruff and enjoy the look of beautiful and clean hair.

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