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Oily Hair and Skind Head – Tips for Care and Treatment

Greasy hair can be very problematic. If it does not cure in the course of time, it can lead to dandruff or syndrome known by the name of seismic dermatitis.Too much fat or game is one of the most common problems with the skin of the head. The flesh of the head can make hair greasy, relaxed and lusty, or otherwise, lifeless.

Treatment of the oily skin of the head is generally possible using some home masks and medical products, while in the most difficult cases it is best to contact a dermatologist. Some say hair transplant is a much better option, but, we will see in the article below other methods and treatment for your hair.

What are the causes and symptoms of fatty hair ?

Greedy hair occurs primarily because of the excessive secretion of natural oil, or tallow. Sometimes the fungus on the scalp may also cause excessive secretion of the skin. Excessive skinning of the loin makes the hair and head skin greasy and dirty, and the hair looks so even when it is freshly washed.

The main problem is that oily skin of the head can lead to the appearance of acne and dandruff. Treatments for this problem help in balancing the amount of a bowl that lights on the skin of the head and at the same time purifies the skin of the head and removes dead skin cells and other impurities from it.

The best treatments for oily hair

Here are some of the best treatments for oily hair that you can solve the problem of greasy hair in a natural way.

Apple’s vinegar

This is one of the natural foods used to solve the problem of greasy hair. Used as a raincoat for washing hair. Mix equal amounts of apple vinegar and water and, if desired, add up to 20 drops of essential oil. Wash the hair with this mixture after washing with shampoo.

The acidic properties of apple vinegar will remove the oil from the root of the hair, from the skin of the head, remove dandruff and a lot of chemical residues and impurities from the skin of the head that accumulates on it due to the use of cosmetic products.

Aloe Gel

Ever since ancient times, aloe was a natural remedy for oily hair. Sprinkle the gel from the aloe leaf and immediately apply it freshly to the scalp and oily hair with a full length to regulate tanning and nourish the hair. Let the gel rest in the hair for about 15 minutes, then wash it normally with a shampoo. You can do this each time before washing your hair.

An alternative is to mix a liter of water, half a liter of water and 20 drops of an essential oil of your choice to make a softening tonic for your hair that will remove grease from the hair and help with the scalp of the scalp.

Tea Tree Oil

For regular skin care, you can use a tea tree oil to remove dandruff caused by the oily skin of the head and how your hair would not be greasy. Add a few drops of tea tree oil to a shampoo that you regularly use to wash your hair. Another option is to massage the head skin with 5-10 drops of essential oil of the tea tree by applying the oil directly to the scalp and thus solving the problem of greasy hair and dandruff.

Black tea

This is an effective home remedy for the treatment of oily hair and head skin, and will not dry your hair. Cook 2 packs of black tea in 3 cups of water and use this tea as the last rinse after washing your hair with shampoo. It will help to remove excess fat from the skin of your head and your hair will not be greasy but will look brighter and softer.

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Natural products for oily hair and head skin

When finding the product that suits you, you need to use it immediately. When it comes to oily hair products and want to increase their effectiveness, try to pay more attention to the fact that the product gets to the skin of the head and let it work for a while before washing your hair.

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