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Painless hair transplant

Painless hair transplant: is it possible?

The hair transplant is the most effective solution for many of those who have bald spots on the head. Currently, it is the only method that can result in permanent or long-lasting hair restoration. Nevertheless, some are bothered that the anaesthesia and the surgery itself may feel unpleasant and painful. The use of syringes and needles may especially stress out many patients. Besides, the resulting wounds can increase the risk of getting an infection. Fortunately, with the Comfort-In method, we can offer you a hair transplant without pain and risks.

Less pain thanks to the Comfort-In method

Upon your wish, we at Elithairtransplant can administer the anaesthetic under the scalp with only one or two needle prick. Using high pressure, a pin-like nozzle releases the anaesthetic into the scalp. The procedure takes only a few seconds and leaves no wounds. You will only feel some light pressure for a few seconds. This method is much less painful than a normal syringe method and ensures a more pleasant experience for the patient.

Once the skin has been properly anaesthetised, the team can proceed with the treatment. Normally, after the FUE, the patient will only have some discomfort and mild pain that can be easily relieved with conventional painkillers. In comparison, after the FUT method, the subsequent pain is much stronger and the patient needs to take more medications during the downtime.

Pain is greatly reduced with with our comfort-In anaesthesia technique
the comfort-in technique allows for an almost painless hair transplant

An almost painless treatment

Due to the fact that no needles are used during the hair transplantation the anaesthesia process is more comfortable. You will only feel a slight pressure for a few seconds.

needles are not required with the comfort-in anaesthesia

No needles required

Not using any needles means that the treatment is not only painless, but also that no wound healing is required and there is no risk of infection.

the comfort-in technique uses pressure to inject the sedatives in your scalp

Pressure technique

Thanks to the latest advances, it is now possible to place the anaesthetic under the scalp by applying pressure. We call this innovative method "Comfort-In".

With Elithairtransplant you are in good hands for a comfortable hair transplant


The Comfort-In procedure is the optimal solution for those who are afraid of needles. By using compressed air and the special needle-free injection device, it provides a gentle and innovative way of administering the anaesthetic. At the lower end of the injection device, there is a nozzle with a piston. The lower opening is about 0.15 mm in size and is filled with 0.5 ml of the anaesthetic liquid. When the trigger at the top of the device is pressed, the piston in the nozzle jets the solution under high pressure and injects it into the scalp.

The advantages of the almost painless hair transplant with Comfort-In

  • Can be applied easily anywhere on the scalp
  • No wounds and low risk of infection
  • Patented and certified technique
  • Anaesthesia will be done without any syringe and with almost no pain
  • Makes it easier to dosage the anaesthetic
  • The anaesthetic will spread faster by means of the compressed air injection
  • More comfortable than other methods due to the smaller penetration of 0.15 mm
Discover the almost painless hair transplant

Anaesthesia during the treatment : an almost painless hair transplant experience!

The human body metabolises drugs at different rates. This also applies to local anaesthetics. Therefore, in a small number of patients, the effect of the anaesthetic may wear off prematurely during the procedure. This can be particularly unpleasant when the grafts are being removed or inserted. If this happens, you can always address the surgical team and draw their attention to the situation. Our specialists can then re-inject the local anaesthetic to make sure that your whole experience with a hair transplant is without pain.

We at Elithairtransplant always strive to make your treatment and stay in the clinic as comfortable as possible. The combination of an innovative transplantation technique with the Comfort-In anaesthesia makes it possible for you to undergo a painless hair transplant and enjoy strived-for results.

Do you have any more questions ? Do not hesitate to contact our helpful team that will answer all your queries. Furthermore, they can offer you a free hair analysis and consultation. Use this chance to regain your self-confidence and zest for life ! So don’t wait if you want to benefit from Dr. Balwi and Elithairtransplant’s expertise for a successful and affordable hair transplant in Turkey!