Hair transplant through percutaneous technique

The Percutaneous technique

The innovative method combined with FUE

Significantly higher growth rate

Higher growth rate

hair transplant perkutan

Higher density

hair transplant perkutan

Faster wound healing

hair transplant perkutan

Controlled growth direction

perkutan hair transplant

Our experienced medical, Dr. Balwi,

who has been under medical supervision, is already known in the field of hair transplant surgery.

Doctor Balwi and our assistants are experienced in the field of hair transplantation procedures and internationally trained specialists. For achieving natural-looking results at a hair transplant, high-quality technical equipment is used during surgery. Whatever technique is preferred to be realized when Elithairtransplant team great care of the doctors and the medical team.

Only trust experts with your hair transplant

The results of the hair transplantation are visible for everyone. Due to this, it is highly relevant that only a very experienced and trained doctor executes this procedure. Dr. Balwi, renowned specialist on the subject of hair transplant through the percutaneous technique already has completed thousands of these treatments successfully with his experienced team. In an extensive pre-examination, he will have a look at the areas that need treatment and give you advice regarding the desired density of hair, the direction of growth and the hair line afterwards since it should look as natural as possible. Dr. Balwi has the long-standing know-how and is an often consulted expert on the subject of the FUE and percutaneous techniques. The result of the procedure will astonish you: completely natural-seeming, thick hair that will give you a dynamic, youthful appearance

You can look forward to strong, completely natural looking hair

Hair with an average thickness grown about 70 to 100 follicles per square centimeter. The major advantage of the Perkutan method is that it’s the only way to achieve a hair thickness of roughly 90 to 120 hair roots per cm² – and that these roots also grow successfully. Particularly at the hairline on the front, the temples, and the upper part of the head – in other words, where patients usually desire more hair – the Perkutan technique achieves incredible results. At the spots of extraction and implantation only tiny, punctiform scars will remain that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Around 90 days after the hair transplantation, the grafts start growing, which will be clearly visible from the fifth month onward. You will have beautiful, natural and thick hair again

We take excellent care of you during your stay at our clinic. A German interpreter will make sure that you can ask our experts all the question you want and receive detailed information on the procedure.

In Turkey, you save money with hair transplantation. And at Elithairtransplant you are in very competent hands. Dr. Balwi is renown on the subject of FUE hair transplantation with the Perkutan method. We only use the most modern techniques and devices to be able to give you the best result possible that you wished for. Fulfil your dream of full hair and contact us today. We will give you great, individual advice.

FUE hair transplant and Perkutan – these are the advantages

  • Treatment only by certified specialists
  • Thanks to the Perkutan method no shorting of the hair is necessary
  • Clean root extraction and high hair thickness thanks to the percutaneous technique
  • Next to scar-free, safe and fast healing process
  • Natural results at a high growing rate


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