preparing for the hair transplant procedure

Preparing for the procedure

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There is no ideal period for hair transplantation. It can be done both in the winter and in the winter. It is important to choose a day after which you can afford a couple of days when your hair will look a bit different, primarily because of the short-cut giving region and chestnut in the receiving region that passes after five to seven days.

If you’re an active or recreational athlete, choose a period when you can quit training for ten days. Also, it is not desirable to expose directly to strong sunlight two weeks after the intervention, and it is advised to carry the hat. FUE hair transplantation falls into the line of minimally invasive methods that are also called “lunchtime” procedures and require little deviation from everyday obligations.

Hair transplant procedure

Hair transplantation is a procedure that takes several hours, depending on its size. Since the modern rhythm of life is very fast, sometimes it is difficult for patients to afford themselves poor ones in which they will relax until their hair is transplanted. We usually call that day “one of the longer, but also more beautiful days in your life”.

The intervention begins in the morning. The patient is advised to wash his hair and has breakfast in the morning. After another consultation with a doctor, filling in the intervention form and mandatory photographing (“pre” pictures), she goes to her apartment where she is dressed in comfortable clothes in which she will spend the day.

Before the intervention, the patient’s patient region is stitched to 1-2 mm in length, unless already done so. If a patient wears long hair, it is possible to separate a belt as a giving region, which can later be covered with a hair above it to cover the traces of taking grafts.


First phase of hair transplant

The first phase is the one in which only extracts are taken-transplants are taken. The patient is lying on the stomach like a massage. After giving anesthesia, as the whole given region pours and becomes painless, it begins with taking grafts.

With the help of a special microsurgical apparatus and an automated knife of 0.8-1.0 mm diameter, the doctor extracts each graft individually. Grafts are downloaded and deployed as needed before implantation.

If there may be cut grafts, they are immediately rejected because they can not be used.
The patient is awake all the time and can talk to the team members. Depending on how much hair is needed, this phase can last an hour or two. Upon completion of this part of the intervention, a gauze is placed in the given region, with which the patient leaves the house that day.

Pause during hair transplant

Then a pause is made when the patient is served lunch and some refreshment. During this period, the team counts and schedules transplants to be ready for implantation.
In the second stage, which is much more comfortable, the patient is in a home position where he can watch television, work on a laptop, or read a book.

After the last joint consultation on the new appearance of hair, an anesthetized recipient region is being anesthetized. The micro-surgical blade diameter of 0.5-1.0 mm is the first incision-cuts of the same degree as existing hair, determined density and spacing to make graft hair appearance completely natural.

Then a team of grafts implanted. This phase requires great precision and patience in the work and takes a little longer than the first stage. Upon completion of the intervention and after the last test of the graft position, the receiving region is dried up and does not penetrate.

A patient is ready to go home or stay at the clinic, he can get into the room where he will be served dinner. Each patient receives a special pack containing essential medicines, shampoo, and hairspray in the coming days.

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