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Essentially, the aging process is characterized by two phenomena: the reduction of yarn density, with a decrease in its thickness, and the loss of its natural color, which leads to white hair.

The scalp
The fault lies in the loss of amino acids, which are essential for hair. Amino acids are the smallest particles in which proteins are made. The main hair protein is keratin, which, together with vitamin E and selenium, provide protection to the hair. Therefore, the aging of the threads is not only due to chronological or genetic age but also due to the lack of vitality of the threads; and this can occur at any age.

How to maintain the vitality of the scalp?

  • Protecting hair from the sun is the first rule against chronological damage. UV rays are still the biggest enemies of hair, as they reduce the elasticity of the hair as well as respect them and give them an opaque appearance.
  • Moisturize and use products suitable for hair type. This can restore glare and still provide a soft texture to the scalp. This practice should be incorporated into the routine: at least once a week, do a homemade hydration. Also, take some time to go to the salon to take care of the locks once in a while.
  • Cauterizations have the power to nourish the strands and close the cuticles of the hair. That is: in addition to assisting in retention of frizz, your hair will have the nutrients they need.

Hair Lifting

It rebuilds the elasticity and structure of the hair, recovering the shine and softness. Prevents hair photoaging (a natural action that occurs on the scalp in people from 30 years). The process is carried out by the application of a specific shampoo, a treatment mask of the product called lipo recharges (based on a scalp reconstructive substance), of an active vita refill complex composed of P-liposomes (which acts in the prevention of photoaging ), as well as other strengthening moisturizing creams. This type of hydration revitalizes hair that has lost matter, with a burning scalp, dull and dull, and looks like tired wires. This procedure should be done at the beauty salon.

Food for the scalp

A balanced and healthy diet is important not only for your silhouette but also for the beauty of your skin, nails, and hair. Nutritional problems leave hair dry, brittle and lifeless. And when too oily, they may signal an unbalanced diet.

  • Deficiencies of some vitamins and minerals also cause harm, such as hair loss.
  • Magnesium – Magnesium is essential in the formation of proteins such as keratin, which forms the scalp. Sources: seafood, avocado, melon, pineapple, carambola, and walnuts.
  • Calcium – deficiency calcium makes the thin, brittle hair. Sources: green leaves, sesame, tofu, salmon, and sardines.
  • Sodium – helps control the water content inside the scalp and gives brightness. Sources: seafood, tomato, celery, and tofu.
  • Potassium – is very important to maintain flexibility and hydration. Sources: lean meats, banana, cucumber, grape, almond and sunflower seed.
  • Zinc – it gives the strength to the hair. Sources: meat, mushroom, egg, oyster and wheat germ.

What precautions to take to avoid premature aging of the hair

The aged scalp has lack of regular treatment and also of vitamins and nutrients. Here are some tips that can be put into practice on a daily basis to prevent the hair from getting aged before their time.

Balanced food – Proper nutrition is very important, especially iron (present in meat of liver, red meat, egg yolk, vegetables, whole grains or fortified, dark green vegetables, dark molasses, shrimp, oysters); zinc (milk, liver, mollusks, herring, wheat bran); copper (liver, molluscs, whole grains, cherries, legumes, poultry kidneys, oysters, chocolate, nuts, cereals, dried fruits, shellfish, animal tissues); vitamin B6 (yeast, wheat germ, pork (well done), viscera (mainly liver), whole grains, vegetables, potatoes, bananas and oats).

Oral Supplements – Nowadays our food is devoid of vitamins and minerals and if you do not already feed as well, it is important to supplement vitamins and minerals so that your hair is strong and nourished. Check out the post vitamins and minerals for hair.

Daily Care – Keep your scalp clean and oily, use proper shampoos and quality. Do a deep cleansing or exfoliation on the scalp. Moisturize frequently, and not to abuse aggressive chemical processes.

Capillary massage – The movements activate the circulation in the scalp improving the supply of nutrients to the hair.

Healthy Scalp – Keeping this region healthy and healthy is key. Aggressions can even lead to a definitive hair loss (cicatricial allocation), in which no hair is born. A good example is a chemical burn, which can be caused by a poorly applied progressive brush.