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from 999€
Including care products, warranty etc.



from 1799€

Including hotel, transfer, PRP



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Hair transplant Turkey prices

Hair Transplant in Turkey Prices starting from 1799€

Our prices are based on the service we provide for you. Depending on the number of grafts to be implanted, our hair transplant prices start at just 1799 euros. The more grafts needed, the higher the costs. In order to be able to provide you with the most accurate estimate possible, we ask you to send us detailed photos of your problem areas in advance. Not included in the cost plan are any expenses incurred at a later date for post-treatment. We advise you on all these topics in detail and tailored to your personal situation.

The packages include:
FUE Hair Transplant | Guarantee (30 years) | Percutaneous Method | 4**** Luxury Hotel | Pre- & Post-Examination | PRP-Treatment | VIP Transfer | Medicines & Care Products | Interpreters | 24/7 Service & Advice

Hair pigmentation Turkey prices

Hair pigmentation in Berlin, Munich and Düsseldorf

The micro hair pigmentation is also applicable to thin long hair or when there is hardly any remaining hair. Women and men benefit equally from this method. Here, the hair pigmentation can help, so that the young men regain more joie de vivre and self-confidence. A skilful micro hair pigmentation, in combination with the rest hair, creates deceptively real fashionable short hairstyles.

The package includes:
Micro Hair Pigmentation | High quality pigmenting colors | Care products | | Satisfaction Guarantee (6 months) |

PRP treatment prices

PRP treatment in Berlin and Munich

In a PRP treatment, the platelet-rich plasma is injected into the entire head. This plasma is a blood by-product that significantly accelerates growth. To win the PRP, just 4ml of blood is withdrawn and stored in a centrifuge by a centrifuge. You get your own blood injected, which happens on a purely natural basis. The treatment in Germany is usually 70% more expensive than the price we offer you exclusively.

The offer is not only aimed at patients who have already had a hair transplant and now want to further improve the result with PRP treatments. Do you generally want to do something good for your hair or prevent hair loss? You already have slight hair loss and would like to stop it? Then you should get the PRP treatment with us!


Many years of experience
Our doctor Abdulaziz Balwi was one of the first surgeons to use the FUE technique in his surgery when this method was developed in Turkey and Europe. His exceptional expertise in this field is undisputed to this day. Our entire medical team in Istanbul also has a great deal of experience, competence and, above all, passion for the demanding work.
Professionalism and expertise
The most important aspect of a successful hair transplant, with which you can be satisfied afterwards, is the arrangement of the minimal holes into which the grafts are later inserted. Because their position determines the future growth direction of your hair. Our doctor Balwi is predestined by his ability to give your transplanted hair a completely natural look and especially the right direction of growth.
Internationally certified accreditations
Istinye University Hospital in Istanbul, where we perform our surgery, is a state-of-the-art Istinye group hospital. It has been specializing in the treatment of international patients for many years and enjoys an excellent reputation. All clinics of the Istinye Hospital Group are JCI / ISO: 2008 certified. This prestigious and extremely demanding quality seal (JCI = Joint Commission International) is awarded by the independent JCI Commission. It certifies quality assurance, patient safety and medical treatments.
Quality with extremely long life
We are convinced of the quality of our work! You will receive from the clinic a 30-year guarantee *** on the transplanted hair. In this way, we ensure that the implants also grow and do not fail again shortly after the procedure.
Their operation takes place in one of the most modern and prestigious clinic in Istanbul: Istinye Üniversitesi Hastanesi. Our doctor, dr. Abdulaziz Balwi makes sure that your procedure is as painless as possible. Even the anesthetic will be injected as painlessly as possible. First and foremost is your well-being. Our celebrity patients also appreciate that.
Reliable processing
Of course you will receive from us an invoice for the amount that will cost your intervention. In addition, we confirm your payment immediately.
Transparency and trustworthiness
You would like a “living proof” that we are not just making empty promises? We have no secrets from you. Some of our patients have agreed to share their experiences with us. Talk to people who have undergone a hair transplant over the phone. Of course, there are many more good reasons to choose us. On the one hand there are our attractive conditions. Incidentally, the price includes the hotel costs and the pick-up service.
An extremely comfortable stay
The Nidya Hotel Esenyurt is located on the European side of Istanbul. Before and after treatment, enjoy all the amenities that a hotel of this class offers you. Also, the transfer to the clinic and back, which is incidentally very close, you need not worry. That’s what we take care off!
Excellent service
“What results can I expect?” “How is the procedure?” For all your questions you will receive an answer from us, of course in English. We are always there for you. Before and after treatment. You can reach us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your consulting team is always available for you.



Included in the price
✔ FUE Hair Transplant
✔ Guarantee (30 years)
✔ Percutaneous method
✔ 4 stars luxury hotel
✔ Pre / post tracking
✔ PRP treatment
✔ VIP-Transfer
✔ Medicines and care products
✔ Interpreters
Description Price
2500 Grafts from 1799€
3000 Grafts from 1899€
3500 Grafts from 1999€
4000 Grafts from 2099€
4500 Grafts from 2199€
Max. Grafts from 2299€
Beard from 1899€
Eyebrows from 1499€
Biofibre from 2999€
Included in the price
✔ Micro hair pigmentation
✔ Satisfaction Guarantee
✔ Care products
✔ High quality pigmenting colors
Description Price
Short haircut from 1799€
Compression from 999€
FUT / FUE dispenser area from 699€
Scars from 499€
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