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What are the different types of men’s baldness issues ?

Men's baldness is an issue tha many have to face sooner or later. It can be caused by various factors - disorders of the thyroid gland, stresses, side effects from taking medications. Typically, in most cases, alopecia (from the Latin "alopecia" - baldness, baldness) is due to a genetic predisposition and an elevated level of the hormone testosterone.

Heredity also determines the age at which a man begins to lose hair, and the type of baldness that can begin at the top of the head, from the temporal region or from the forehead.

Causes and types of early men’s baldness issues

Often the early stage of alopecia in the male type is visible to the naked eye even in adolescence – this confirms that in the near future the problem will inevitably worsen. Recently with the deterioration of the environment, the popularization of unhealthy way of life, which includes alcohol, smoking, regular stresses, treatment of men’s baldness is in growing demands.

Hair loss usually affects male aged between 20-35 years old. According to statistics those issues occurs in 70% of men, and 30 % of women. Furthermore by the age of 50, only 20% of men retain the integrity of their hair. The speed with which a man loses his hair can range from 3-4 years to several decades.

There are many factors affecting the condition of the hair. Despite the fact that the problem of hair loss affects both men and women, following types of baldness are more typical in males :

Androgenetic alopecia

This form of baldness issue occurs in 95% of cases, and heredity is to blame. Androgenic alopecia is characterized by loss of hair in the parietal and frontal zones in both young and older men. Inhibition of hair bulbs is caused by the action of the male sex hormone testosterone derivative called DTH. As a result of this imbalance, new hairs cease to grow, and the old ones thin out, lose their pigment and fall gradually.

Diffuse hair loss a lesser know form of men’s baldness issues

This type of baldness is otherwise called symptomatic because it is a consequence of some systemic diseases. In this case, the hair thins evenly over the entire head. There are two forms of diffuse alopecia: anagenic and telogen. The first is the result of the death of hair follicles in the anagen phase, due to the harmful effects of poisons, radiation, chemotherapy, etc. And in the second case, diets, stresses, heredity, chronic diseases are to blame.

Focal (nesting)

The nature of thi shair loss is quite specific: oval or round bald patches with well-defined edges form on the head. Alopecia areata is the result of a malfunction in the immune system. To serve as a trigger for such a malfunction may be stresses, antibiotic intake, antiviral vaccination, general anesthesia, etc. Such a type of baldness occurs in no more than 3% of men.

Cicatricial alopecia

This is a characteristic damage to hair follicles as a result of trauma to the skin. This happens not only with mechanical action on the scalp but also as a result of fungal or other lesions of the deep layers of the epidermis. Most often, scar alopecia manifests itself as a result of chemical or thermal skin burns: a scar tissue forms on the injury site and the hair no longer grows.

Among other reasons for men’s baldness issues is, undoubtedly, the lack of nutrients such as vitamins, amino acids. Those substances are responsible for the hair’s growth through the natural circulation of the blood cells. A process which delivers the necessary nutrients to the hair bulb.

Given the factors of heredity, increased hormonal activity and a unhealthy lifestyle, it makes sense to start thinking on hair care from the adolescence. This can especially be the case if you feel the first signs of baldness, like emerging bald spots, bald patches. The earlier you solve this problem, the better your hair will be rewarded.

Prevention and treatment of men’s baldness issues

To prevent hair loss, men needs to diversify their diet by eating more nuts, beans, green vegetables, seafood and fish that contain polyunsaturated amino acids. These products will fill the deficit of protein, which serves as a building material for hair.

Along with the consumption of essential vitamins and nutrients that contribute to the well being of the hair follicles, you should also take time to daily delicate scalp massage to stimulate blood circulation, and also start using special anti-aging hair care products.

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How to avoid men’s baldness issues

Not many men think about prevention and begin to sound alarmed when the problem reaches catastrophic proportions. However, some simple home recipes can prevent early men’s baldness issues. In addition, those do not require much time and special knowledge in the field of cosmetology.

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