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Estimation of Hair Transplant

Hair Transplantation

The core aspect of our work philosophy

Hair Transplant Costs – The core aspect of our work philosophy

Prices for a hair transplant in Turkey are in average about 50-70% cheaper than in Central Europe. This gives many people who suffer from hair loss and have a limited financial budget, the possibility to do a hair transplant.

The fact is that we can offer hair transplants to unique prices and with excellent quality. And this is only because we do not invest much on the cost of expensive advertising and rent no overpriced offices. Secondly, we consider our ability to the socio-cultural aspect. Our team is very experienced and as well understand that unnecessary complications and costs can be avoided here.
Our specialized partner clinic works with the latest medical equipment, which gives you up to 6000 grafts in “only” a meeting. This way we fulfil the requirement from ourselves: “The surgery should be affordable for everyone”.

Basically, the prices of a hair transplant in Turkey are significantly lower than in Germany, Switzerland and many other countries in Europe and beyond.

This vast difference in price is due to the low cost of living in Turkey. Wages, residential rents and wage costs are comparatively low. So, for example, the gross domestic product per capita in Germany is three times higher than in Turkey.

Another reason for the affordable costs of a hair transplant in Turkey is the competition. Especially in Istanbul, there are many vendors, such conduct hospitals and private clinics, the hair transplants. Many have now specialized in FUE hair transplant and lead only rarely the strip technique by because it is little demand. While there are only a few suppliers in Germany and other European countries using the FUE technique, it is a common technique in Turkey. Turkey and particularly the urban communities of Istanbul and Ankara are known for hair restoration surgery and hair transplants.

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Our specialists decide independently and in consultation with our patients on the site how many grafts are actually needed for the desired result. Since hair growth is different on every human being, people with thinner, naturally light hair can get a good result with fewer grafts. On the other hand, people with close hair roots will need more grafts for a natural look with a high density.