IHRE HAARTRANSPLANTATION IN DER TÜRKEI Scar correction after FUT technique hair transplant

Scar Correction FUT

Scar Correction FUT

Help against a failed FUT treatment

Scar correction FUT technology for perfect results

Hair transplants of any kind have the purpose of looking perfect later without scarring. If the case of modern methods usually normal follicles transplanted so generally to be expected with no scarring. We use Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) to remove scars and marks, allowing for a complete procedure with no hiccups.

Possibilities for scar correction in FUT technique
The type of scar removal which is used depends on many factors and therefore to explain hardly a fixed price. It also depends on how much tissue needs to be removed at a scar correction. Even the most experienced surgeon needs to remove scar tissue and close the remaining tissue seamlessly. Small scars can be removed in this way without major surgical effort, larger scars represent an actual engagement, which may necessitate further treatment after surgery. If a scar correction through the FUT technique comes in question to you, then carried out before the intervention in each case, the thorough investigation and assessment of the possibilities to make scars disappear forever.

This way scar revision works through the FUT technique

It can and must be a little fiddled that scars disappear from view forever. Our surgeons are masters of their craft in this discipline because they lead such interventions daily.

In many cases, the scar tissue, that very unsightly and unwanted scar needs to be surgically removed. In consequence of this removal, a tissue gap gets produced that needs to be closed as fast as possible so that it is no longer visible.

In most cases, it is possible to work with a so-called linear donor scar. It is taken from the adjacent hair donor area hair in the form of small follicles. These are then targeted directly into the scar. This process works with larger scars immediately after their removal or for small and smallest scars directly without previous surgery. Small scars have the advantage that it makes provision for, the tissue is at that point but not hardened striking. Therefore, can be implanted directly to concealment.. As for all types of hair transplant then applies a little wait until the new hairs have grown and come to fresh growth. Once this is done, is unloved scars nothing more to see.


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