IHRE HAARTRANSPLANTATION IN DER TÜRKEI Small secrets of long hair - Hair Transplant Turkey

It’s no secret that hair is a symbol of female beauty. And every year, with the advent of spring, we always want that not only the figure but also the hair looked perfect – and therefore, were long, thick and healthy. How to accelerate the growth of hair in the spring, and what tools can be used to get a quick result?


The phases of hair growth resemble the seasons. Just as in the spring the grasses begin to blossom and blossom, and in the fall to wither and fall, at certain times the hair “wakes up” and actively grows, while in others it slows down its development and dies.

The life cycle of the hair consists of three cycles (phases). In the anagen phase, the follicle nucleation and the growth of the hair itself (duration – from two to five years) occur. When the development of the hair reaches the catagen – the next phase – its growth slows down and gradually ceases. This period of time is the shortest and lasts from two to three weeks.

The final phase is telogen (duration 2 – 3 months). During this period, the hair completely stops its development, dies and eventually falls out. On average, a day should drop from 50 to 100 hair – this is the norm.

The speed of hair growth and their density is affected by many factors. This is a heredity, the state of the hormonal background, the susceptibility to stress, the characteristics of nutrition and the general state of the body. It follows that the approach to the problem of stimulating hair growth should be complex.

Is it possible to accelerate the growth of the hair?

On average, a person’s hair grows 12 cm a year, but there are a number of factors that contribute to hair growth. Particular attention should be given to nutrition. A diverse daily diet, which includes a sufficient number of vitamins, trace elements, and amino acids – is a “fuel” for the hair, contributing to their strengthening, natural protection, and good growth. Limit the intake of these substances in the body – and you will get dull, weakened, poorly growing hair.

In the issue of stimulating hair growth, warming masks based on sharp and spicy ingredients (mustard, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg) have proved to be good. The essential substances that are contained in these products improve blood circulation in the area of ​​the hair follicles, which stimulates hair growth. For a faster result, you can use a polyethylene cap – this will create a kind of “greenhouse effect” that will enhance the action of active substances on the scalp.

These simple recommendations will help to maintain the health of hair and accelerate their growth. Hair does not like complex hairstyles. If they are tightly clogged, the blood flow is disturbed and the nutrition of the hair follicles worsens. Minimize the use of any fixation means – it is the source of a whole “bouquet” of harmful chemical compounds that adversely affect hair and skin, blocking natural breathing and moisturizing. A hairdryer, curling iron, and ironing iron can be harmful to hair if used improperly, overheating and overdrying.